Grammy-Winning Pointer Sisters Anita Pointer Dies Aged 74!

Grammy-Winning Pointer Sisters Anita Pointer Dies: American singer and songwriter Anita Marie Pointer (born January 23, 1948; died December 31, 2022). They won a Grammy in 1975 for their smash hit, Fairytale, which she co-wrote and sang lead on.

Grammy-Winning Pointer Sisters Anita Pointer Dies Aged 74!

Grammy-winning singer Anita Pointer, 74, died of cancer on Saturday, her publicist said. She was a member of the Pointer Sisters, whose singles included “I’m So Excited,” “Jump (For My Love),” and “Fire” in the 1970s and 1980s.

Publicist Roger Neal reported that Pointer died in the company of her loved ones at her Beverly Hills home. According to a published biography, Anita was the second eldest of four sisters. She began singing as a pair with June and Bonnie in 1969 before becoming a trio when the middle sister, Anita, abandoned her job as a secretary to join the act.

Grammy-winning Pointer Sisters Anita Pointer Dies
Grammy-winning Pointer Sisters Anita Pointer Dies

Ruth is the only original singing sister still alive. Therefore, the Pointer Sisters briefly expanded to a quartet with her in the 1960s. However, Bonnie quit the group in the late 1970s, and the group reverted to a trio. Fritz and Aaron Pointer are still with us, making the Pointer sisters’ family four strong.

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A group shot of the four female subjects is captured as they stand close together and smile at the camera in black and white. The loss of Anita’s daughter Jada in 2003 meant she was responsible for bringing up her granddaughter, Roxie McKain Pointer.

“While our hearts break at Anita’s passing, we take solace in the fact that she is finally at rest with her daughter Jada and sisters June and Bonnie. Throughout our time together, she was the glue that held us together. Each of us will carry on her legacy of love for our family. “In a statement, the family explained.

The sisters spent their childhood in Oakland, California, where their father was a preacher and sang in the choir. The track “Yes We Can Can” was the first hit from their self-titled debut album, released in 1973.

Fire in 1978, He’s So Shy in 1980, Slow Hand in 1981, and Neutron Dance, Automatic, and Jump in 1983 were some of their most well-known singles. 1982 classic “I’m So Excited” is still played frequently.

Ruth, her daughter Issa, and her granddaughter Sadako have continued performing together as a trio in recent years. You are everything I ever dreamed of and more.” Keep yourself updated with all the latest news from our website and get all the recent updates.



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