Gov. Desantis Proposes Teachers Bill of Rights Praised After Battle!

Gov. Desantis Proposes Teachers: During his time as governor, Florida’s Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis has made education a top priority, and his latest plan to keep “woke” ideas out of classrooms has gotten a lot of support.

Leo Terrell, a Fox News contributor, praised DeSantis on “Fox & Friends” for his latest plan, a teachers’ bill of rights that would stop critical race theory from being taught and give teachers the power to stand firm in the state’s curriculum.

Terrell told Ainsley Earhardt on Tuesday, “It gives teachers freedom from the union.” “It tells the teachers you don’t have to worry about getting political pressure from these teacher unions. And everyone knows that the teacher’s unions are set up to create an indoctrination program, critical race theory, all set up by the Democratic Party.”

“It gives teachers the right to be free from pressure,” he said. “It turns them into a right to do what they are there for, and that is to educate the students.” If the proposal is passed, it will give teachers more power by giving them civil remedies if they are asked to break Florida law, a new, easier way to report violations of their rights, and resources to keep their classrooms safe.

Gov. Desantis Proposes Teachers
Gov. Desantis Proposes Teachers

It will also add $1 billion to the salaries of teachers. Terrell said, “Brilliant decision by Ron DeSantis,” “It’s a blueprint to take away the political power of these Democratic teachers unions.” People know that DeSantis fights back against “woke” indoctrination in the classroom.

It comes after the Florida Department of Education banned an Advanced Placement (AP) class on African American studies because of doubts about its educational value and ties to Critical Race Theory (CRT). In a letter to the College Board, the Education Department said it would not back the course in classrooms across the state because it “lacks educational value.”

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Fox News Digital got a copy of the course syllabus, which has sections on “Black Queer Studies,” “Intersectionality and Activism,” and “The Reparations.” The College Board said that the class, which has been in the works for more than 10 years, will start all over the country in 2025.

It also said that it plans to release the finalized course content before sending it to classrooms all over the country. “Like all new AP courses, AP African American Studies is going through a rigorous, multi-year pilot phase,” the College Board told Fox News Digital.

“During this time, feedback from teachers, students, scholars, and policymakers is being gathered.” “Every new AP course goes through a process of piloting and revising course frameworks, and as a result, frameworks often change in big ways.”

Even though the White House looked into it, DeSantis backed the state’s decision to reject the course on Monday. He said the far left was using Florida’s children to push their “political agenda.”

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