Georgia Offers Immunity To At Least 8 ‘Fake Electors’

According to a recent court document, the Fulton County district attorney’s investigation into former President Donald Trump and his associates about possible influence in the 2020 election has granted immunity to at least eight of Georgia’s “fake electors”

More than a dozen people falsely claimed to be Georgia’s “duly elected and qualified” electors by signing a certificate declaring that Trump had won Georgia in the 2020 election. The Electoral College contains 16 electors from Georgia.

According to the complaint, seven of the eight anonymous subjects consented to speak with prosecutors were done between April 11 and April 14 this year.

“Based on the details in the actual immunity offers that addressed some of counsel’s previous concerns and counsel’s current assessment of the risks and benefits of the immunity offers, all eight of the electors who were offered immunity accepted,” the filing states.

Georgia Offers Immunity To At Least 8 'Fake Electors'

The eighth elector, absent from the nation then, will have an interview later.

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The immunity agreements were made public in a motion filed by electors’ attorney Kimberly Debrow on Friday in opposition to an attempt by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis to disqualify counsel and impose sanctions.

Debrow objected to apparent concerns that the electors had incriminated one another, writing, “All of the electors remain united in their collective innocence and defenses, and none testified or believe that they or any other elector committed any wrongdoing, much less ‘criminal acts.’”

A request for comment from Friday went unanswered by Debrow.

The district attorney’s investigation into potential election tampering has turned up more immunity bargains in addition to the eight made public on Friday.

In February, Special Grand Jury foreperson Emily Kohrs told NBC News that a dozen witnesses had secured some sort of immunity and that others had already testified with immunity agreements.

Kohrs stated that one witness was given immunity while testifying after remaining silent. She added that more than a dozen persons were recommended for indictment by the special grand jury.

A tweet from Larry Huynh’s official Twitter account:

Willis said she would make her billing decisions public as early as mid-July.

A request for comment regarding David Shafer’s immunity status went unanswered immediately by Shafer’s attorney. Shafer is the chairman of the Georgia Republican Party and put his name down on a list of fictitious electors.

Requests for comment from the district attorney’s office in Fulton County were turned down.

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