Former X Factor Contestant Plans to Sue Simon Cowell!

Former X Factor Contestant: Katie Waissel, who used to be on X Factor, is suing Simon Cowell because she says he was careless while she was on the show. In 2010, Waissel was on the talent show and came in seventh place.

Matt Cardle won that season of The X Factor, and One Direction came in third. Waissel, now a lawyer, is suing Cowell’s production company, Syco Entertainment, for not taking care of her when she was on the show. She says that Syco Entertainment broke their duty of care to her.

Waissel told The Sunday Times, “I am pursuing a civil case for personal injury based on negligence, which has to do with duty of care.” The amount of time you have to file a case like this is three years, so Waissel will have to convince a judge that she has a good point.

Most of Waissel’s complaints are about the contract that X Factor contestants must sign to be on the show’s live broadcast. She said, “I had an agreement that I would get £1 for being on the live shows part of the show. That building is the best example of how to use manipulation and force.

Former X Factor Contestant Plans to Sue Simon Cowell!
Former X Factor Contestant Plans to Sue Simon Cowell!

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Company A, which has a lot of power, wants to find person B, who is weak. Company A says, “This is the best chance you’ll ever have, and you’d be nothing without it.” That is the worst of all the things that have gone wrong.”

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Waissel said, “So many of us have been so trapped, and it’s not fair. There was a huge power imbalance.” I just wanted to understand [the contracts] and keep people from being taken advantage of in the future.”

Last year, it was said that a documentary was being made about bullying, harassment, and exploitation that were said to have happened while the show was being filmed. After its first season in 2004, The X Factor hasn’t been on TV since 2019, when ITV said they had no plans to make a new season of the singing competition.

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