Fatal Sh00ting At Virginia High School Graduation Leaves 2 Deἀd, 5 Injured!

On Tuesday, a sh00ting occurred outside a high school graduation ceremony in Richmond, Virginia, ki!!ing two and wounding five. At least two m*rder charges have been filed against the suspect in custody.

A man aged 18 and another aged 36 were the fatalities. The 18-year-old was supposed to graduate on Tuesday; their identities were unknown.

On Tuesday night, police said that a 31-year-old man who had been sh0t was still in critical condition. Injuries sustained by four males (ages 14, 32, 55, and 58) were not life-threatening.

The acting chief of police in Richmond, Virginia, Rick Edwards, announced at a press conference that they had arrested a 19-year-old man on suspicion of two counts of second-degree m*rder.

Without specifying a motive, police said only that they think the perpetrator knew “at least one of the victims.”

Edwards had initially stated that two suspects were in custody at a news conference, but on Tuesday night, he revealed that one of the two people seized was not thought to be involved in the incident.

Edwards added that four handguns were found, but one belonged to the second person not considered involved.

Shortly after 5 p.m., Edwards said, shots were heard near the Altria Theater in Monroe Park on the Virginia Commonwealth University campus, prompting the immediate cancellation of the commencement ceremony.

Multiple People Shot At High School Graduation In Richmond

Edwards said early Tuesday that off-duty cops providing security inside the event rushed to the site and located the victims. Edwards added that when the man fled the area, security at Virginia Commonwealth University apprehended him.

Edwards, no police officers were hurt nor did they fire their firearms throughout the incident.

Three people were treated for nervousness, two others were treated for injuries related to falls, and a 9-year-old girl was hit by a car during the sh00ting.

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Edwards said the girl was transferred to a nearby hospital to treat her non-life-threatening injuries sustained at the site.

Edwards, the community is not currently in danger.

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A representative from Richmond Public Schools indicated the ceremony would be rescheduled.

“This incident occurred toward the end of the Huguenot High School graduation and we have canceled the Thomas Jefferson High School graduation scheduled for later tonight. It will be rescheduled soon,” the spokesperson said.

Representative Jennifer McClellan of Virginia’s 4th congressional district, which covers Richmond, said, “Tonight’s celebration turned into every parent’s worst nightmare. As the mother of two school-aged children, I cannot fathom the profound heartbreak, sense of loss and trauma these families are experiencing.”

“The gun violence epidemic is a public health crisis that we must address. We cannot continue to live in fear,” McClellan stated.

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