Ex-King Constantine II Dies At Aged 82!

Constantine II Dies: CNN affiliate CNN Greece announced on Tuesday that Constantine II, the previous king of Greece, had passed away at 82. CNN Greece said that the former King had recently suffered from many health issues and had just picked up the coronavirus for a second time, which seems to have significantly aggravated his condition.

According to CNN Greece, after a hospitalization for pneumonia the month before, Constantine underwent a Covid-19 test for the first time in January 2022. On June 2, 1940, Constantine II was born at Psikhikó, close to Athens.

He fled to South Africa during World War II and later returned to Greece in 1946. After George II of Greece passed away and his brother Paul, Constantine’s father, succeeded to the throne the following year, Constantine was made crown prince.

Constantine II Dies
Constantine II Dies

When Paul passed away on March 6, 1964, Constantine II became king. In Athens that same year, he wed Princess Anne-Marie of Denmark. Five children were born to them: Prince Pavlos, Princess Alexia, Prince Nikolaos, Princess Theodora, and Prince Philippos.

In the wake of a military takeover in 1967, Constantine and his family fled to Rome, and the military government installed a regent in his stead. The military administration declared Greece a republic on June 1, 1973, supported by a subsequent vote.

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This ended the monarchy in Greece. After a second referendum was held in 1974 by a democratically elected civilian government, Constantine agreed to the abolishment. The former King relocated from Rome to England that year and settled in London. He began to travel to Greece frequently in the 2000s.

The godfather of Prince William was Constantine II, a cousin of King Charles III of Great Britain. Between 1975 to 2014, his sister Sofia reigned as monarch of Spain. According to Reuters, the Greek government said Constantine would be given a private funeral at a former royal estate outside of Athens.

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