Ellen Star Sophia Grace Brownlee Welcomes First Baby!

Sophia Grace Brownlee announced the birth of her first child with her partner. On Sunday, the rising star from The Ellen DeGeneres Show announced the news on Instagram. Brownlee shared a black-and-white image of her baby’s hand and said she gave birth on February 26 last month.


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Fans were astonished when Brownlee, 20, announced she was five months pregnant in October.

“I am here to tell you guys I am pregnant,” she said in a pink-and-blue balloon video. “So, I am 21 weeks today.”

She continued, “I’m sure many of you will be shocked. Because it probably was unexpected, but I was shocked when I first found out.” 

She continued by saying that she waited to break the news until she and the child were completely healthy. She also took the time to share a few sonogram images and the information that at 17 weeks, she heard her baby’s heartbeat. In a series of videos posted to YouTube and other social media in November, Brownlee disclosed the sex of her child.

“I am having a boy!” she exclaimed after making the three reveals. “And when I first found out that I was having a boy, I honestly wasn’t shocked because I just felt from the start that I was going to be a boy mom and that I was going to have a boy. So when I found out, I wasn’t shocked. Either way, I was happy because I didn’t mind if it was a boy or a girl.”

“My boyfriend was super excited about it because I feel like most men want a boy as their first baby,” she said. “Also, another super happy person was my dad because we have so many girls in our family. We barely have any boys.”

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