Ed Sheeran Shocks Fans With Unexpected Gesture After Khalid’s Acc!dent!

On Saturday, Ed Sheeran performed a surprise opening act for the audience when his original opener, Khalid, was involved in a vehicle acc!dent.

Sheeran, who announced the 25-year-old support act, stepped in to sing a handful of songs from his album – (Subtract) that aren’t usually included in set lists for his touring stadium show, according to Billboard.

The Shape of You singer declared that Khalid “was not seriously hurt” in the collision.

At the event on Saturday in Landover, Maryland’s FedEx Field, Sheeran stated, “He is recovering, and we wish him the best.”

Ed Sheeran Steps in for Khalid After Car Crash

No one from Khalid’s team was immediately available for comment.

According to a Twitter user who provided images from the show, Sheeran stated that he hasn’t opened for anyone since he did so for The Rolling Stones in 2015, and he inserted “a lot of humor” into the set because he didn’t want to “let down everybody” at the concert.

“I’m going to say this after every song because if people don’t know I was going to be the opening act today, people are going to be walking in being like, ‘This show isn’t what I thought it was. I thought there would be more fireworks,’” Sheeran added.

According to PEOPLE, Sycamore, a dedication to his wife who was just diagnosed with cncer, played by Sheeran during the 30-minute acoustic session.

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Sheeran gushed about how amazing it was to see the crowd during the set in a TikTok video, noting that his headlining gigs are often done in the dark.

“This is pretty fun. I kind of feel like when you’re the main act, there’s a bunch of pressure because people have paid to see you but I feel like when you’re the opening act, you’re sort of like, ‘Let’s have fun. Let’s play songs,’”  Sheeran made a joke about having a MySpace profile when he was a youngster and opening for musicians.

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