Diamond And Silk Lynette Hardaway Dies At Age 51!

Lynette Hardaway Dies: Lynette Hardaway, better known as Diamond of the conservative duo “Diamond and Silk,” died on Monday, according to their social media pages. She turned 51.

Diamond was a political commentator and vlogger who worked with Silk, whose real name was Rochelle Richardson. They became well-known for how strongly they backed former President Donald Trump. In a post on his social media site, Truth Social, the former president said that her death is “terrible news” for “ALL Americans.”

Trump wrote, “Our beautiful Diamond, of Diamond and Silk, just died at her home in North Carolina, a state she loved so much.” He also said that her death was “totally unexpected.” No information was given about why Diamond died. In November 2022, Diamond and Silk wrote on Twitter, “Please pray for Diamond if you believe in the power of prayer.

Lynette Hardaway Dies
Lynette Hardaway Dies

On their Facebook page, Diamond and Silk wrote that Diamond was a “True Angel and Warrior Patriot for Freedom, Love, and Humanity.” Several Republicans also said something about Diamond’s death.

Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida said it was “unfortunate news,” and Rep. Lauren Boebert of Colorado said Diamond was “a wonderful person.” “Uprising: Who the Hell Said You Can’t Ditch and Switch?” by Diamond and Silk says: Diamond was born on Thanksgiving Day in 1971, while Silk was born in January of that same year.

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They built a platform around the fact that they liked Trump and called themselves his “most vocal and loyal supporters.” In 2018, the two also testified under oath about what they said were filtering practices on social media sites.

Deadline noted that in 2020, Diamond and Silk worked as contributors for Fox News until they were fired after COVID posts that spread false information. If you think this is interesting, please share it with your friends. For more updates and the latest news regarding celebrities, Visit Lighthousejournal.org.


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