Devante Parker Head Injury: The NFL Is Investigating Why He Was Not Told About The Head Injury!

Devante Parker Head Injury: According to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, the league and NFLPA will evaluate its concussion-reporting rules after New England Patriots wide receiver DeVante Parker almost played through a head injury on Monday. Here’s a look at Devante Parker Head Injury.

On Tuesday, Parker addressed it on social media when the investigation news broke. The National Football League hasn’t won his approval. He appreciates Nelson Agholor, a teammate, for seeing his injuries while no one else did.

On Monday against the Arizona Cardinals, Parker was hurt in the first quarter. Parker caught the ball on the slant route and gained a first down for his team. Cardinals cornerback Antonio Hamilton’s clumsy landing on Parker resulted in a loose ball at the end of the play.

The Patriots dashed the line in case the Cardinals challenged Parker’s catch. When Agholor saw Parker stumbling and taking too long to get in position, he knelt and waved for a timeout. The play was stopped when the Cardinals challenged the call. A head injury forced Parker out of the game, and they never returned.

Devante Parker Head Injury: The NFL Is Investigating Why He Was Not Told About The Head Injury

Even while the NBA has promised to improve its procedure for reporting injuries, the fact that Parker almost lined up for another play is concerning. The job of the game spotters is to determine if any players have had a concussion and need to be removed from play.

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Despite quarterback Tua Tagovailoa being permitted to re-enter a game after wobbling and falling to the ground after sustaining a hit, the Miami Dolphins found themselves at the heart of the controversy. The Dolphins claimed that Tagovailoa hurt his back during the game, but he was able to return.

After Tagovailoa was reinstated, the NFLPA began looking into what had happened. Soon after, in the next match, Tagovailoa was knocked down cold and suffered a concussion. Within a short time of Tagovailoa’s injury, the NFL and NFLPA updated their concussion protocol.

Despite the updated concussion precautions, the Dolphins were again the focus of the concussion issue after Teddy Bridgewater departed the team’s next game. The league has progressed in preventing head injuries, but Monday’s gaffe demonstrates room for improvement.

Agholor deserves credit for realizing something was wrong and stopping play before Parker proceeded to play. Agholor stepped in where he wasn’t supposed to, but that wasn’t his responsibility. If you find this interesting, please forward it to your friends. Visit for the most up-to-date and recent celebrity news.

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