Dallas Zoo Gives Update on Vulture’s Unusual Death!

The Dallas Zoo is looking into another “strange” thing that happened there. On Jan. 22, just a few days after a clouded leopard briefly escaped from its enclosure at the Texas zoo, the facility announced on Facebook that one of the endangered vultures living in the zoo’s Wilds of Africa habitats had been found dead.

“The people who care for animals are sad about this terrible loss. Please think of them as they try to figure out what’s going on, “the Dallas Zoo had in joint. The zoo is especially worried about the death of the vulture because no one knows what happened.

“The way the person died was strange, and it doesn’t look like it was a natural death. We let the Dallas Police Department know about the recent problems at the Zoo. We can’t say much until the Dallas Police Department has had more time to look into this.

Dallas Zoo Gives Update
Dallas Zoo Gives Update

“In its social media post about the dead vulture, the Dallas Zoo added: The Dallas Zoo talks about the recent escape of a clouded leopard and the discovery of broken fencing at a monkey habitat as “incidents.”

On January 14, one of the two sisters who live at the zoo and are clouded leopards got out of her cage. When Nova, a female leopard, went missing, the zoo had to close while zookeepers and police searched for the animal.

Nova was found safe and sounded the same day she went missing, the same day she went missing. After Nova returned, the police kept looking into how the cat got away. They found evidence that the clouded leopard’s enclosure had been messed with on purpose.

The fence around Nova’s home was cut through with a cutting tool, according to the Dallas police. After an investigation, the same cut was found in the area where the small monkeys called langurs lived at the Texas zoo. Authorities also said they don’t know if the two incidents are related.

In response to these two incidents, the Dallas Zoo “added more cameras throughout the Zoo and increased overnight security patrols,” according to a post about the death of a vulture.

“We will continue to implement and expand our safety and security measures to whatever level is necessary to keep our animals and staff safe,” the zoo added that it would “provide updates as we learn more.”

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