County Durham Boy Scarred In Crash Raises!

A child who suffered facial scarring in an accident has raised over £20,000 to aid others in similar situations.

Charlie from Chester-le-Street underwent numerous reconstructive procedures after suffering severe face damage in a vehicle accident when he was four.

The 11-year-old stated he wished to support the organization that had assisted him.

He was left with considerable facial scarring, had a skin graft on his nose, and will soon undergo further therapy in an effort to break down the scar tissue.

County Durham Boy Scarred In Crash Raises
County Durham Boy Scarred In Crash Raises

His mum Kimberley said: “I’m so proud of him, he has turned a traumatic life event into something positive and fundraising is his main reason for everything he does – to help and inspire other people.”

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She claimed that a specialist at Newcastle RVI, where Charlie was treated after the crash, informed the family about Changing Faces.

“We were told to get in touch with the charity to help us deal with people’s reaction to Charlies face – back then people would stare at him and ask him what had happened – but he has learned to cope and now he just smiles if people look at him,” she said.

Since raising money at eight, Charlie has completed the tiny Great North Run, a double marathon in sections, and other challenges.

The most recent required him to sprint from his football team in Chester-le-Street to the Angel of the North, then cycle back.

Charlie said: “It’s important for me to do this, to help the charity and it’s important for me to raise awareness.”

“My family are very proud of me and I’m happy about that and I’m proud of my Mam and Dad for doing it with me too.”

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