Cher Celebrates New Years Eve With Alexander AE!

Cher Celebrates New Years Eve With Alexander AE: Alexander “A.E.” Edwards and Cher rang together in the New Year of 2023. The 76-year-old singer posted a photo of her and her 36-year-old music executive boyfriend to Twitter on New Year’s Eve, highlighting the enormous diamond ring he had given her for Christmas.

Cheerfully beaming, Cher receives a peck on the cheek from Edwards in this candid photo. Although the singer wore the pear-shaped sparkler on her middle finger in the picture, it is seen as the image’s focal point. Cher captioned the shot with, “Happy New Year, Daddy” on Twitter.

Soon after, Cher shared another photo of the couple online; this time, they were smiling and looking deeply into each other’s eyes. “You haters can go to the Wizard of Oz’s Party now. DOROTHY THREW WATER ON THE WICKED WITCH, and it melted.

“Those were her words in writing. Cher and Edwards first crossed paths in September during Paris Fashion Week. The following month, after being seen in Los Angeles holding hands, Cher publicly acknowledged her relationship with the music entrepreneur.

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Cher spoke about her romance during December’s visit to The Kelly Clarkson Show. Despite the age difference of 40 years, Cher and Edwards get along wonderfully in person, she says. “The man is impressive, and I don’t think highly of guys more than they deserve.

A genuinely kind guy. He has a high IQ. He has a lot of skill and a great sense of humor. Also, I find him to be beautiful.” Then on Christmas day, Cher posted a photo of the massive diamond ring Edwards gave her, sparking engagement rumors. ‘THERE R NO WORDS, ALEXANDER, A.E.,’ she penned next to the photo.

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