Cage The Elephant Singer Matt Shultz Arrested On Weapons Charges!

Matt Shultz Arrested: Matthew Ray Shultz was born on October 23, 1983, and grew up in Bowling Green, Kentucky. His older brother Brad Shultz (guitar), Daniel Tichenor (bass, backing vocals), Lincoln Parish (lead guitar), and Jared Champion (drums) were some of his high school friends who would later become bandmates (drums).

Shultz and his brother came from a poor family. Because of this, his brother was sometimes called “Poor Boy” by other kids at school. Their father is also named Brad and plays music. When the boys were young, their parents split up.

After their parents divorced, their mother started dating Shultz’s football coach, which made him quit the team and start playing music to rebel. Before he began to Cage the Elephant, Shultz worked as a plumber in the building industry.

In an interview, he said he thought he would be stuck at that job for the rest of his life if he didn’t quit. So, he finished and went to work at a sandwich shop with Brad, who had been in sales before.

Cage The Elephant Singer Matt Shultz Arrested On Weapons Charges!

Matt Shultz Arrested
Matt Shultz Arrested

Thursday, the singer for the rock band Cage The Elephant was arrested at a hotel in New York City on weapons-related charges. Matthew Shultz, who is 39 years old, is being charged with illegally having a loaded gun and unlawfully having a weapon, the NYPD said Friday.

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Around 10 a.m. Thursday, someone called 911 to report that someone with a gun was in the Bowery Hotel. Police say that when officers were carrying out a search warrant, they found two loaded handguns. No one knows for sure why the 911 call was made.

Cage The Elephant came together in 2006. In 2019, they put out their fifth studio album, “Social Cues,” which won the Grammy Award for a best rock album in 2020. The band’s album “Tell Me I’m Pretty” also won the same award in 2017.

CBS News has tried to get comments from both the band and the hotel but hasn’t heard back yet. Please tell your friends about this if you think it’s interesting. Go to for the latest updates and news about celebrities.


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