Brendan Fraser Recalls Being Choked Out Accidentally!

Brendan Fraser describes a bizarre incident on The Mummy’s set. The 2023 Oscar contender recalls getting “accidentally choked out” while filming a hanging sequence for his 1999 popular action-adventure movie on Tuesday’s The Kelly Clarkson Show episode.

“I was standing on my toes like this, with the rope [around my neck], and you only got so far [you can move],” Fraser, 54, told host Kelly Clarkson of what led to the incident.

He continued, “And [director Stephen Sommers] ran over and said, ‘Hey, it doesn’t look like you’re choking — can you sell it?’ And I was like, ‘All right, fine.’ So I thought, ‘One more take, man.’ “

“And the camera swooped around, and I went up on the toes, and the guy holding the rope above me pulled it up a little higher, and I was stuck on my toes — I had nowhere to go but down,” The Whale actor explained. “And he was pulling up, and I was going down.”

The next thing Fraser knew, “the world was upside down, I had gravel in my teeth, and everyone was incredibly silent,” he recalled.

When the stunt coordinator jokingly awoke him from his unconscious state, he was told, “The actor joked that he could only reply, “Thanks, I think?! ‘Congratulations, you’re in the club — the same thing happened to Mel Gibson on Braveheart,'” To my house, please!”

Fraser previously discussed how his more physically demanding performances in movies like The Mummy and 1997’s George of the Jungle seriously damaged his body in a 2018 feature with GQ.

Several operations were required due to his wounds, but the SAG Award winner admitted that he “probably was trying too hard, in a way that’s harmful” by taking on whatever acting role he could get at the time.

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“I felt like the horse from Animal Farm, whose job it was to work and work and work,” Fraser said. “He worked for the good of the whole, didn’t ask questions, and didn’t make trouble until it killed him. …

I don’t know if I’ve been sent to the glue factory, but I’ve felt like I’ve had to rebuild s— that I’ve built that got knocked down and do it again for the good of everyone. Whether it hurts you or not.”

Despite certain less-than-ideal aspects of the experience, Fraser claimed in an interview with Variety in October 2022 that if The Mummy ever had another reboot, “if someone came up with the perfect conceit,” he would be “open to” playing adventurer Rick O’Connell again.

Last month, the actor startled a crowded theater at a showing of the first Mummy movie at London’s Prince Charles Cinema by dressing like his character, complete with a leather jacket, khakis, and boots.

“I am proud to stand before you tonight,” Fraser began. “This is a film that was made in Britain. You should know that! … Even the second one, too.” “Be proud. Thank you for being here,” he continued.

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