Bradley Cooper Teased By His Mother In Super Bowl Commercial!

Despite his fame as an actor, Bradley Cooper falls short in the role of a T-Mobile salesman. The 48-year-old “Silver Linings Playbook” actor and his mother, Gloria Campano, starred in a 2023 Super Bowl commercial for the phone firm where he had to persuade his mother to buy a cell phone.

Cooper was cruelly teased by his caustic mother, who gave a string of impromptu one-liners, and as a result, was unable to complete the assignment.

According to Ad Age, the pair was supposed to follow a script for the advertisement before Campano comically started to improvise. In the advertisement, the mother made fun of her famous son because he was wearing a T-Mobile outfit.

“Yeah, I don’t like the way you look,” she quipped as she stared at Cooper’s hot pink t-shirt. “You look like a flamingo.” “I think I know what I’m doing,” he stated while trying to sell his mom a phone.

“I’ve been nominated nine times.” “Yeah, but you’ve never won anything,” his mom hilariously clapped back, referencing his infamous “loser” status.

Fans on Twitter couldn’t get enough of the advertisement, which marked Cooper’s debut as an actor in a Super Bowl commercial.

Bradley Cooper’s mother made fun of him in the T-Mobile commercial for not receiving an Oscar. I’m losing it,” commented one commenter.

Another said, “Bradley Cooper and his mom win the first quarter with this promo for T-Mobile.” And while Cooper was unable to persuade his mother to get a smartphone from T-Mobile, it seemed as though he had a different impact on one viewer at home.

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“I don’t know if this is a controversial opinion, but I like Bradley Cooper? I find him charming. I am buying a T-Mobile plan as we speak,” they declared.

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