Bodycam footage of North Carolina’s Darryl Williams Released!

The events leading up to a man’s death while in police custody are depicted in a body camera video that Raleigh police released on Friday.

Police reported that on January 17, after three stun gunshots were fired at Darryl Williams, 32, he passed away at a hospital. His cause of death is being looked into.

According to the preliminary investigative report, officers attempted to detain Williams for drug offenses when they were “proactively patrolling” establishments near Rock Quarry Road.

According to the police report, Williams was seated in a car with beer and marijuana in an open container. According to the report, police attempted to detain him for drug possession after discovering a folded dollar note containing white powder in his pocket.

Police reported Williams was “combative and resistant” and ran away from them. A man can be heard on several video recordings saying, “I’m not doing anything.” 

One bodycam video shows police repeatedly telling Williams to put his hands up or behind his back. Someone can be heard threatening to use a Taser if Williams doesn’t stop as a fight breaks out.

According to the report, Williams was momentarily stopped after a Taser was used. Officers are seen with him on the ground next to a trash can in the video.

“Why are you all doing this to me?” he asks. “Hands behind back, or you’re going to get Tased again,” an officer responds.

The police report also states that Williams can be heard saying, “I have heart problems,” after being stunned.  

Williams then looks to be taken into custody after hearing someone remark, “Man, calm yourself. Calm down.” Officers roll him over a short while later to verify sure he is still alive.

After being detained, Williams reportedly went into unconsciousness and stopped breathing. Police are seen applying chest compressions to him in another footage. His cause of death is being looked into after he was declared dead at a hospital.

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According to the report, Williams’ car was searched, and two weapons were discovered, one of which had been reported stolen.

While the SBI conducts an additional investigation, six officers are on administrative leave. The police force requested a judge’s approval before publicizing the body camera and dash camera footage from patrol cars.

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