Biden Under Fire For Repeating False Claim About Son’s Deαth: ‘Continued Mangling of The Truth’

According to a video obtained by the New York Post, President Joe Biden informed Marines during a stop in Japan that his son Beau had d!ed in Iraq.

“My son was a major in the U.S. Army.” The 80-year-old president said, “We lost him in Iraq,” during a Thursday conversation with soldiers at the Marine Corps Air Station in Iwakuni, Japan. For the G-7 Leaders’ summit this month, the president traveled to Japan.

At the Walter Reed Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, Beau Biden passed away in 2015 from brain cancer. The president has claimed on numerous occasions that “burn pits” in Iraq, a topic on which he signed legislation in 2022, were to blame for Beau’s cancer deαth.

“The President talks, as the families of many veterans do, about losing Beau in Iraq because his brain cancer was likely caused by prolonged exposure to burn bits while serving in Iraq,” said White House spokesperson Robyn Patterson in a statement to Fox News Digital.

Online media outlets are criticizing Biden, with even the liberal Daily Beast claiming that the president has “puzzlingly” made similar remarks about Beau “several times in the past” in a posted story on Monday.

Stephen L. Miller, a contributing editor at The Spectator, noted that Biden, the oldest president ever served, is up for reelection in 2024.

“It’s just a stutter. He’s fine. Running for re-election.”

According to another RedState contributor’s article, Beau’s passing, which “certainly must have been traumatic for Biden,” does not “excuse Joe’s continued mangling of the truth.”

At the G-7 summit in Japan, the president attracted attention when he told a reporter to “shush up” after being questioned about the debt ceiling debate in Congress.

Biden had a few awkward encounters while in Japan, including calling South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol, whom he had previously met, “Loon” and calling Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida by the incorrect title, “president.”

When speaking to a crowd in Colorado in 2022, Biden falsely claimed that his son Beau “lost his life in Iraq.”

Biden Son

In a speech near Vail, Colorado, where he established Camp Hale as a national monument, Vice President Joe Biden said, “I say this as a father of a man who won the Bronze Star, the Conspicuous Service Medal, and lost his life in Iraq.”

In a 2019 speech, Biden also made mention of his son, saying, “[Because] of exposure to burn pits, in my view — I can’t prove it yet — he came back with stage four glioblastoma. Eighteen months he lived, knowing he was going to die.” 

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Fox News Digital has contacted the White House for more information regarding Biden’s remark.

Following his visit to Japan, Biden will engage Republicans in another debt ceiling fight in Congress. He has drawn criticism for saying he would invoke the 14th Amendment to avoid reaching an agreement with House GOP members regarding the debt ceiling.

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