Biden IRS Commissioner Nominee Danny Werfel!

At his confirmation hearing on Wednesday, President Joe Biden‘s choice to lead the Internal Revenue Service appeared to appease some GOP criticism by pledging to rebuild confidence in the struggling organization.

Daniel Werfel gave three hours of testimony before the Senate Finance Committee, where chairman Ron Wyden, D-Ore., described his position as “one of the more difficult and least popular jobs in town.”

Werfel backed Biden’s desire to target high-income taxpayers and reaffirmed Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen’s pledge not to raise audit rates for small businesses and households making under $400,000.

“If I am fortunate enough to be confirmed, the audit and compliance priorities will be focused on enhancing IRS’ capabilities to ensure that America’s highest earners comply with applicable tax law,” Werfel said.

Werfel’s appointment occurs amid heated GOP criticism of the IRS, which saw significant financial increases thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act, which Congress passed in August.

According to Treasury Department officials, the money will primarily be utilized to enhance taxpayer services and update the IRS’s outdated paper-based procedures.

“Also front and center will be efforts to modernize and dramatically improve taxpayer service. If confirmed, I will lead these efforts in close collaboration with this committee and will be unyielding in following my ‘true north’ — to increase the public trust, unheralded effective implementation of our taxes, and do anything necessary to fund critical government services,” he said.

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