Baton Rouge Nightclub Shooting Injures 12 People!

Baton Rouge Nightclub Shooting: Sunday, police in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, said that 12 people were hurt in a shooting at a nightclub. Police say that one of the people who got hurt is in bad shape. Even though no one has been caught, police believe the early morning attack was “targeted.”

“This was not a random act of violence, based on the preliminary investigating efforts,” Baton Rouge Police Chief Murphy Paul said at a news conference Sunday afternoon. “We believe this was a targeted event, where someone was specifically targeted, and others were injured in that process.”

Around 1:30 a.m., when shots were fired nearby, three Baton Rouge police officers went to the Dior Bar & Lounge. They did what they could to keep the person alive until emergency medical technicians arrived. “We believe their immediate response prevented further injuries,” Paul said.

Baton Rouge Nightclub Shooting
Baton Rouge Nightclub Shooting

At least 12 people were hurt in a shooting in a Louisiana nightclub. Even though the police have some leads, Paul asked anyone else with information about the shooting to come forward. “There is someone who knows something—do the right thing.” “You can save the next incident because it is obvious that this person has total disregard for life,” Paul said.

The police did not say how many people who were shot were meant to be hit. Paul wouldn’t know how many people were out there who could shoot. Paul said about the investigation: “I understand the interest and everybody wanting information, but remember… we have to get this right.”

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“And sometimes, getting it right means I can’t give information right now.” Last week, Sharon Weston Broome, the mayor of Baton Rouge, went to Washington, D.C., to talk about crime with the mayors of other big U.S. cities.

She said the shooting was “a senseless act of violence that will not go unchecked.” Broome wrote on Twitter, “We will not stop our work until everyone feels safe and individuals no longer turn to guns to resolve their differences,”

Even though there were fewer murders in Baton Rouge last year than in 2021, gun violence has been a problem in Louisiana’s capital city. In October, early in the morning, shots were fired near the campus of Southern University in Baton Rouge, hurting nine people.

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