Arrest Made in New Mexico Motorcycle Rally Sh00ting; 3 Deἀd, 5 Injured!

Officials reported that three people were ki!!ed and at least five others hurt in a sh00ting on Saturday at a well-attended motorcycle rally in a resort town in New Mexico. One of the injured has been charged with m*rder.

Members of motorcycle gangs engaged in gunfire on Main Street in Red River around 5 o’clock on Sunday, according to the New Mexico State Police. According to the Justice Department, gangs are “organizations whose members use their motorcycle clubs as conduits for criminal enterprises,” such as trafficking weapons and illegal dr*gs.

Two people were discovered ded by police at the scene, and six injured people were taken to hospitals, one of whom was flown to a hospital in Denver, reported to state police.

Police reported that one of the injured, who was taken to a nearby hospital, was later pronounced ded. They added that all eight victims were motorcycle gang members.

On Sunday, state police released the names of the deceased: Damian Breaux, 46, of Socorro; Randy Sanchez, 46, of Albuquerque; and Anthony Silva, 26, of Los Lunas.

Jacob David Castillo, 30, of Rio Rancho, one of the injured, was charged with an open count of m*rder, according to state police. According to police, he was hospitalized and will be checked into the Taos County Detention Center after his release.

After being discharged from the hospital, another injured person, Christopher Garcia, 41, of Texas, was charged with c0caine possession and lodged in the detention facility.

In addition, Mathew Charles Jackson, 39, of Austin, Texas, who was accused of carrying a gun illegally inside a bar, was also lodged in the detention facility. It’s unclear if he was included in the injured list.

According to police, “the remaining four individuals” who sustained injuries have not been imprisoned. Police earlier stated that there were only five surviving injured victims, bringing the total number of injured to at least six. It was impossible to reach a state police spokesperson by phone or email to inquire about the discrepancy.

The severity of the injuries was not known right away.

According to the Justice Department, more than 300 active outlaw motorcycle gangs are nationwide. Five teams, including the Hells Angels, Mongols, Bandidos, Outlaws, and Sons of Silence, “pose a serious national domestic threat” and are responsible for most criminal activity, including international dr*g smuggling. It was unclear which gangs allegedly were responsible for the Saturday sh00ting.

Police had earlier stated that the area was safe and that there was “no ongoing threat to public safety.”

The federal agency is assisting state police in their investigation, according to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Phoenix field division.

Nearly 30,000 people were anticipated in Red River over the weekend as part of the 41st annual Red River Memorial Motorcycle Rally, which takes place in the resort town of 675 northeast of Taos in a range at the southern end of the Rocky Mountains.

According to the rally’s website, there will be musical performances at related events.

The majority of Main Street was the crime scene, according to the town’s mayor, Linda Calhoun, posted on Facebook. Only necessary businesses outside the investigation area should remain open, according to recommendations from state and local law enforcement, she said. All other establishments should be closed on Sunday.

According to a tweet from Albuquerque Police Chief Harold Medina, he is originally from Red River, located about 170 miles northeast of Albuquerque. He was in the town having dinner with his wife when the sh00ting occurred.

“Prayers for all impacted by todays shooting in my hometown,” Medina wrote on Twitter.

“What a helpless feeling not having a badge, gun or radio as State Police officers and others enter the restaurant and slowly everything closes down and you don’t even know if you can get to your car or if it’s in the scene,” he stated.

At Least 3 Dead In New Mexico Motorcycle Rally Shooting

According to the governor, Calhoun, and law enforcement were in touch. She tweeted, “My thoughts are with the Red River community following this violent incident.”

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U.S. Senators Martin Heinrich and Ben Ray Luján, as well as Representatives Teresa Leger Fernández, Melanie Stansbury, and Gabe Vasquez, expressed their “heartbreak” over the sh00ting that they claimed “desecrated a decades-old, cherished community gathering.”

Noting that the sh00ting occurred less than two weeks after an 18-year-old gunman shot and ki!!ed three elderly women and injured two police officers in Farmington, a city 230 miles west of Red River, they demanded more decisive action to stop gun violence.

“We cannot let these events become normal,” they said. “We must do more to prevent gun violence.”

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