Andrea Riseborough Oscar Nomination for Best Actress!

Andrea Riseborough will continue to be considered for an Oscar. The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences declared on Tuesday that, despite some questionable actions on the part of the grassroots campaign, the star of To Leslie’s nomination for Best Actress did not warrant disqualifying Riseborough from the competition.

According to Academy CEO Bill Kramer, “Based on concerns that surfaced last week around the To Leslie awards campaign, the Academy began a review into the film’s campaigning tactics,”

“The Academy has determined the activity in question does not rise to the level that the film’s nomination should be rescinded. However, we did discover social media and outreach campaigning tactics that caused concern. These tactics are being addressed with the responsible parties directly.”

After this year’s Oscars presentation, the Academy will reinforce its marketing laws by further clarifying them and making future revisions.

Andrea Riseborough Oscar
Andrea Riseborough Oscar

According to Kramer, “The purpose of the Academy’s campaign regulations is to ensure a fair and ethical awards process — these are core values of the Academy,” “Given this review, it is apparent that components of the regulations must be clarified to help create a better framework for respectful, inclusive, and unbiased campaigning.

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These changes will be made after this awards cycle and will be shared with our membership. The Academy strives to create an environment where votes are based solely on the artistic and technical merits of the eligible films and achievements.”

Many people were surprised by Riseborough’s nomination, considering that To Leslie was a little-known independent drama that made its debut at SXSW in March 2022.

Riseborough was seen as a dark horse against presumed locks Danielle Deadwyler (Till) and Viola Davis (The Woman King), both of whom were ultimately excluded from the Best Actress category, despite vocal support from mega-talent like Gwyneth Paltrow, Edward Norton, and others having propelled Riseborough into the conversation.

Many defended Riseborough after the Academy revealed its review of the To Leslie campaign last week, including fellow actress Christina Ricci and To Leslie co-star Marc Maron.

It wouldn’t have been the first time if the Academy had determined there was a reason to withdraw the nomination. The Academy disqualified composer Bruce Broughton’s nomination for Best Original Song in 2014 after concluding that he had engaged in “improper lobbying.”

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