Actor Priyanka Chopra Hosts Screening of ‘Chhello Show’ In LA!

Actor Priyanka Chopra Hosts: The film on the shortlist for the Oscars in 2023, Chhello Show or Last Film Show, is getting a lot of attention right now. The movie, directed by Pan Nalin, is in the running for the 95th Academy Award for Best International Feature Film.

Priyanka Chopra put on screening and party for the Gujarati film in Los Angeles before the awards season. Priyanka Chopra hosted the screening at Isha Ambani’s home, where the film’s director, actor Bhavin Rabari, producer David Dubinsky, Kal Penn, and others were there.

The actress posted a picture of the night on her Instagram account. She wrote in the post’s title, “Supporting the industry that taught me everything I know about my job is the least I can do. So proud of the fact that India makes such great movies.

Actor Priyanka Chopra Hosts Screening of 'Chhello Show' In LA!
Actor Priyanka Chopra Hosts Screening of ‘Chhello Show’ In LA!

One of the special ones is the “Hello Show.” Have a good time! Go get ’em.” See for yourself: Pan Nalin responded to Priyanka’s post on Instagram by writing, “Now we can all be beautiful, strong, fearless, and believe in ourselves when we have the support of someone beautiful, strong, fearless, and so generous.”

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When the Film Federation of India (FFI) chose Chhello Show to represent India at the Oscars in 2023, the news spread quickly. Samay, a nine-year-old boy played by Rabari, discovers the magic of movies when he starts going to a single-screen theatre near his home.

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