67-Year-Old Former Hawaii Politician Ron Menor Passes Away!

Ron Menor, a longtime politician in Hawaii who was elected to the Legislature and the Honolulu City Council, has died. He was known for his “passionate service” during his many years in office. He was 67.

Gov. Josh Green told the public Tuesday night that Menor had died the day before because of an “unexpected medical emergency.” Green said, “We will always remember Ron’s passionate service to the people of Hawaii during his many years in the Hawaii Legislature and on the Honolulu City Council.”

67-Year-Old Former Hawaii Politician Ron Menor Passes Away!
67-Year-Old Former Hawaii Politician Ron Menor Passes Away!

Rick Blanchard, the mayor of Honolulu, called Menor, who used to be chair of the City Council, a “brave public servant.” In a statement, Blangiardi said, “Ron was a tireless leader who fought for his community and had a huge impact on our city.” “We all owe him thanks for his work for the public.”

Menor’s wife, Patricia, and his three sons, Benjamin, Andrew, and Anthony, are still alive. Menor was the son of the late Benjamin Menor, a judge on the Supreme Court of Hawaii, and Lilian Menor. Menor worked in an office for a long time. He was on the Honolulu City Council.

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In the 1980s and 1990s, he was a state representative; in the 2000s, he was a state senator. Menor’s first job was as a clerk for the Supreme Court of Hawaii. In an interview with the Hawaii State Bar Association, he said that his father made him want to go to law school and work for the government.

I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives, which was another reason I chose to become a lawyer,” he said. Please tell your friends about this if you think it’s interesting. Go to Lighthousejournal.org for the latest updates and news about celebrities.


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