3 New York Teens Arrested For Ki!!ing And ‘Consuming’ Beloved Village Swan!

In connection with the m*rder and “consumption” of a beloved swan in a suburb of Syracuse, New York, and the theft of four baby swans this week, three teenagers have been detained, according to the police.

Faye, a mother swan, and her four cygnets, or young swans, were reported missing from the swan pond on Monday, according to Manlius, New York, police.

According to Manlius Police Captain Tina Stanton, during a news conference on Wednesday, authorities learned on Tuesday that two of the cygnets were at a discount store in a nearby town, where one of the suspects worked. Stanton, the remaining cygnets were later discovered at a second location after more information.

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Several charges, including grand larceny in the third degree, criminal mischief in the second degree, conspiracy in the fifth degree, and criminal trespassing in the third degree, were brought against an 18-year-old and two other juveniles, ages 16 and 17, during the news conference, Manlius Police Sgt. Ken Hatter. Tuesday saw the three suspects hand themselves into police.

Hatter, the three friends—who attend the same high school—hopped over the swan pond’s perimeter fence in the ded of night. Hatter, Faye was ki!!ed at the pond and did not resist because she was nesting. Two of the suspects held her down and took her into custody.

“The family and friends did consume the adult swan,” he claimed.

Hatter continued that the teenagers thought they had shot a “very large duck” and were unaware of Faye’s importance to the neighborhood. Hatter, one of the suspects also claimed they intended to raise the cygnets as pets.

3 New York Teens Arrested In Connection With Killing of Swan

The weeks-old cygnets will be cared for by a biologist hired by the village, who also helped raise Faye, for another six weeks before being released back into the pond to fend for themselves, Manlius Mayor Paul Whorrall said during the press conference.

Whorrall added that Manny, Faye’s mate and the father of the cygnets, will also be removed from the pond due to fears that he may turn “combative” following the ki!!ing of Faye and might endanger the cygnets.

“This is not ending. We will continue to have swans,” Whorrall told. “We’ll let the four cygnets grow up and at that point, we are hoping that two of those cygnets will mate and we will be back to the way it used to be.”

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According to a news release from Manlius officials, the two young suspects were returned to their parents in anticipation of their court appearance. According to Hatter, they will have attorneys assigned to them and appear in court on Thursday. CNN has not been able to locate the juveniles’ attorneys.

Hatter announced at the press conference that the 18-year-old’s next court appearance is scheduled for June 15. CNN has contacted their lawyer for comment.

The New York Department of Environmental Conservation states that while swan hunting is permitted in some states, it is not allowed in New York.

“The Village of Manlius is one of the only entities in New York that has a permit to have them housed, maintained, owned, and transport, and they cannot be removed from their location legally,” Hatter stated.

Whorrall claims that the swans have lived in Manlius since 1905 and are cared for and fed by the community.

Whorrall also mentioned that in the future, surveillance cameras would be installed at the pond to guarantee the safety of the swans.

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