2 Toddlers Fall Out NYC Windows In Separate Sunday Cases!

A 2-year-old is recovering from a terrible fall from a fifth-story window in Queens while a 3-year-old girl is in the hospital after surviving a terrifying fall from a Manhattan apartment building’s sixth-floor window.

According to police, the 3-year-old child fled from an NYCHA building’s window early on Sunday morning off West 26th Street in Chelsea. She was sent to a city hospital after suffering a severe injury.

While passing by, Felix Maldonado saw something fall, but until he rushed over to assist, he was unaware that it was a young girl.

2 Toddlers Fall Out NYC Windows In Separate Sunday Cases

“She landed on the grass, she didn’t land on any concrete or anything like that,” he said. “There was a lady right next to the child and they had informed me that she was the aunt. I let her know it wasn’t her fault, you know I gave her a hug, I tried to calm her down.”

Uncertain of whether the woman named as the aunt was looking after the child at the time, the girl’s mother was spotted arriving at the building gasping for air as she got into a police car and drove to the hospital.

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There didn’t seem to be a window guard on the window the kid fell out of. After the event, NYCHA employees were observed attempting to install one, but it was the incorrect size.

“Based on an immediate review of our records, window guards were installed on all windows when the family moved into the apartment in January 2023,” an NYCHA spokesperson said.

The unit was visited by NYCHA employees last week for unrelated maintenance, and during the inspection, it was discovered that all window guards were in place, according to the statement. What transpired to the guard between last week and Sunday’s fall is unknown.

In the Queen’s case, police reported that a 2-year-old girl was discovered with injuries consistent with a fall lying in a grassy area on Seagirt Boulevard.

She had fallen from a fifth-floor apartment window, the investigation revealed. She was transported to a hospital in good health. In those circumstances, no information was immediately accessible.

According to authorities, both investigations are still open.

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