2 Killed By SUV Near Downtown Vegas Casinos!

2 Killed By SUV Near Downtown Vegas Casinos: Authorities in Las Vegas reported on Friday that a New Mexico man and woman were murdered when they crossed the street despite a “don’t walk” signal at the Fremont Street Experience casino mall.

Multiple blunt force injuries were the cause of death for William Clayton Baxter Jr., 44, and Kristie Eileen Baxter, 51, both of Hobbs, New Mexico, according to the Clark County coroner. Neither the police nor the coroner could provide any information regarding a possible connection between the two.

On Thursday, police and a prosecutor reported that Mykael Lanice-Lynn Terrell, 28, of Las Vegas, fled the scene of an accident before being stopped, arrested, and booked into prison on suspicion of DUI, careless driving, and failure to report an accident.

According to the police, William Baxter was pronounced dead at the scene near Fremont and 4th streets, and Kristie Baxter was pronounced dead at a hospital. Friday, Terrell remained in jail after a local judge set bail at $100,000 and ordered her to return on January 4.

2 Killed By SUV Near Downtown Vegas Casinos!
2 Killed By SUV Near Downtown Vegas Casinos!

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If convicted of the criminal accusations she faces, Terrell may be sentenced to between two and twenty years in jail for each victim she is accused of killing. If indicated or ordered to stand trial by a judge, she will be asked to enter a plea.

Marissa Pensabene, the deputy public defender, temporarily assigned to represent Terrell, testified on her behalf in court that Terrell is an account executive for an internet company, a single mother of a 3-year-old, and has lived in Las Vegas for over three years.

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Pensabene refused to provide a statement outside of court. If Terrell posts bail, the judge stated she had to stop driving and wear an electronic monitor on her ankle. To cross the three-lane, one-way Fremont Street Experience, pedestrians must use a defined walkway with the assistance of traffic signals.

Under a four-block-long lit video canopy and numerous zip lines, this area is always bustling with people going to and from the many casinos, shops, kiosks, street entertainers, bars, and restaurants found there.

On December 29, 2022, this story was initially published. Both of the victims are from New Mexico, as previously mentioned. You are everything I ever dreamed of and more.” Keep yourself updated with all the latest news from our website Lighthousejournal.org and get all the recent updates.


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