1 Ki!!ed, 5 Seriously Hurt In Bloomfield Two-Car Crash!

On Friday morning, a two-car collision in Bloomfield injured one person de@d and five others.

It happened on Blue Hills Avenue between West Dudley Town and Old Windsor roads at 5:15 in the morning.

Only the age of 23 was given to the deceased man. Along with individuals aged 21, 21, 26, and 27, and with varying injuries, he was riding in a Volkswagen GTI hatchback.

A 33-year-old Windsor man driving a 2004 Subaru Legacy was reported “medically unresponsive with life-threatening injuries” and immediately sent to St. Francis Hospital.

1 Killed, 5 Seriously Hurt In Bloomfield Two-Car Crash

Following the collision, the area was off-limits to vehicles.

Before the collision, the two automobiles’ drivers, according to police, were moving at a high speed and overtaking several other vehicles.

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At some time, the road was abandoned by both vehicles.

A utility pole was severed when the Volkswagen impacted it.

When the Subaru struck a building at 1294 Blue Hills Avenue, it caught fire.

Five people were inside the car that crashed into the pole. The 23-year-old was among them, and he was declared de@d there and then.

The other four individuals were taken to a hospital. Two people were hurt badly. According to reports, the two other victims’ injuries were “life-threatening.”

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