Naomie Olindo Weight Loss: Particulars On Her Weight-Reduction Plan & Exercise Routine!

Naomie Olindo Weight Loss: After a brief hiatus, reality TV star Naomie Olindo will return to Charleston for season 8 of the show Southern Allure. Also returning are Craig Conver, Kathryn Dennis, and Venita Aspen.

Olindo is a successful entrepreneur and an influential figure in the online community. After showing on “Southern Allure,” she rapidly climbed to fame within the leisure market.
She participates in charitable fundraising initiatives in addition to her role as a reality star attending events where she walks the pink carpet.

Naomie started working for a company that focuses on prevention, stewardship, and care for children in orphanages during the second semester of her Master of Business Administration program. Also, she’s the brains behind the LABEYE label as a designer. Naomie and her friend decided to start their own business and went into partnership. Now, right this second, they are equally invested in the company.

Naomie Olindo Weight Loss: Particulars On Her Weight-Reduction Plan & Exercise Routine

Many people have remarked on Naomie Olindo’s growing beauty since she first featured on Southern Allure in 2015. She dropped more than 25 kilograms between 2017 and 2018. She supplemented her diet and fasting with extra work and exercise to help her lose weight. Olindo continued by saying she had lost enough weight with her exercise regimen to return to her previous health and fitness level.

Naomie Olindo Weight Loss
Naomie Olindo Weight Loss

Her daily workouts are essential to her state of physical and mental well-being. Although Naomie has always been a slim, toned, and figure-flattering female, she has recently increased her level of health. Helen, her lovely traveling companion, has been by her side.

Is There Any Proof That Naomie Olindo Has Had a Plastic Surgical procedure?

Without a doubt, Naomie Olindo has gotten plastic surgery to improve her appearance. It was in 2018 that she underwent surgery to change the curve of her nose. She admitted that her desire for the procedure dates back to when she was a young child. After the procedure, she updated her website with photographs documenting each stage of the renovation and redesign.

Naomie compared her appearance before and after rhinoplasty surgery by posting two side-by-side photos on her Instagram Story. She documented her recovery process in a series of photos, captioning them all with the line “Okay, you people are afraid of the restoration pictures.” Here you can see her both before and after the operation.

Her chin, cheeks, and jawline have all been altered in a similar fashion through surgical procedures. The television persona cleaned up her cheeks and chin, making them look more prominent to draw attention to her jawline. Olindo is not the type to be shy about talking about personal details when it comes to matters of health and beauty. She argued that people should use their bodies in whichever way makes them happiest, regardless of the need for medical assistance.

What is the Net Worth of Naomie Olindo?

With a wealth of $3.5 million, Naomie Olindo is undoubtedly one of the rich and famous. She made an outstanding commitment to altering her life and working extremely hard, and as a result, she is now quite wealthy. She can do so because of the connections she’s made in the business.

Naomie Olindo: Who is she?

The wiki article on Naomie Olindo states that she is a woman who will soon be seen on the Bravo show Southern Charm. Journalists were interested in her romantic history when they questioned her about her comeback to the show. Motul Shah and Craig Conover were mentioned in a handful of her questions. When asked about her ex-boyfriend Metul Shah, Naomi Olindo replied in an interview that the two had broken up in July 2021 and that she had not spoken to him. She told the reporter, though, that she had never thought she would get in touch with her ex-boyfriend Craig Conover again. Neither Conover nor Naomie expected to meet each other.

Naomie Olindo Early Life & Education

Naomie Olindo, originally from France, is currently a resident of Charleston in California. There is nothing written about her on Wikipedia. She has already been clear about her identity in an interview. Naomi has a history in the financial sector, as she has stated. While in her second semester as an MBA student, she began volunteering with an organization seeking to end the endless cycle of adoption of orphanages via care, prevention, and stewardship.

Someone she knew sparked her interest in the venture. She was highly impressed by the work of this group, and she became interested in it. She organized many fundraising campaigns and even ran the New York City Marathon herself.

While training for the marathon, Naomie Olindo collected almost $1,500 in donations. After that, she and her pals once hosted a cocktail party to benefit a worthy cause and brought in $4,000. After completing her MBA, she found she had a natural knack for making others comfortable enough to ask questions and share their own, which prompted them to want to learn more or take action.

Naomie Olindo History of the Family

Naomie’s father, Joel Olindo, died of esophageal cancer on December 20, 2019. Besides this, Naomie’s mom Carole Olindo and dad Joel Olindo were married. Naomie also has a sister, but she has never said what her name is.

In addition to her role on “Southern Charm,” Naomie Olindo has worked extensively in the business sector since beginning her career in 2008 as a sales associate at the iHeart Boutique, as seen by her profile on the professional networking website LinkedIn. After that, she got a job as a marketing and sales intern at a company called “The Locale Palate-Food Culture of the South.”

Similarly, they are constantly on the go and engaged in various activities. In 2013, she worked as the company’s vice president of marketing at Ben Carter Enterprises. After getting her real estate license in 2014. She began organizing real estate deals in 2014 and has since made a comfortable livelihood doing it. Aside from that, she manages her own clothing company. ‘L’ABEYE’ is a clothing line owned by Naomie Olindo.

Naomie Olindo Relationship Status

Previously, we established that Naomie Olindo had dated both Motul Shah and Craig Conover. Back in 2015, Conover and she started going out. However, they became fast friends during their time together in university. Well-known reality TV star Craig Conover appeared alongside Naomie on Southern Charm. A significant disagreement between Naomie and Conover in 2017 ultimately ended their relationship.


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Then Naomi Olindo realizes that her genuine love is not only a man, but that man is Motul Shah. American professional physician, anesthesiology expert, and entrepreneur Motul Shah. Motul Shah and Naomie started going out in 2018. They were close, but in July of 2021, they decided to part ways permanently. Since they split up, Naomie is now content to live a happy single life.

Meet Naomie Olindo On Instagram

Naomie Olindo, who goes by the handle @naomie Olindo on Instagram, can be found there. She’s dynamic on Instagram, so you can find new pictures and videos daily. Her profile boasts a whopping 654 updates and 708k followers. If you keep tabs on her Instagram, you’ll see that she regularly shares exciting content.

She is very active on Instagram, and you can also find her on Twitter (her handle is @naomine Olindo). A reality TV star with 67,400 Twitter followers and an active presence on the platform since October 2014 is outlined.

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