Morgan Freeman Wife: Has He Remarried Since His Second Divorce?

Morgan Freeman Wife: Since the 1970s, Morgan Freeman, an Academy Award-winning actor, has performed on stage and in films. Freeman is well-known for his distinctive voice and composed manner, in addition to his decades-long acting career.

Freeman’s two marriages both ended in divorce and were followed by suspicions of adultery, although these qualities are what have made him so well-known. Learn more about Morgan Freeman’s first and second wives by continuing to read.

The first marriage of Morgan Freeman was to Jeanette Adair Bradshaw.
Before their 1967 wedding, Morgan Freeman dated Jeanette Adair Bradshaw for five years.

Freeman already had two children with Bradshaw from previous brief romances when they were married. Alfonso Freeman, his eldest son, was a product of Freeman’s brief liaison with Loletha Polk-Adkins. The mother of Saifoulaye Freeman, his second son, is unknown.

Deena, another child from a prior relationship, belonged to Bradshaw. Freeman adopted Deena, and the two later gave birth to Morgana, their biological daughter.

Freeman had trouble getting his acting career to take off when they first met. However, Freeman’s career began to take off soon after they married.

The couple filed for divorce in 1979. Freeman and Bradshaw kept their reasons for their 12-year marriage breakdown a secret. However, a lot of tabloids claimed Freeman’s infidelity was the cause of their separation.

Who Is Morgan Freeman’s Second Wife?

Morgan Freeman Wife: Freeman was prepared to wed Myrna Colley-Lee, his new love, in June of 1984. The two co-parented Freeman’s other children despite not having their biological children. For 26 years, the pair remained together.

Myrna Collie-lee And Actor Morgan Freeman Did In 2007?

Morgan Freeman Wife: A scandal involving Freeman led to the dissolution of their marriage not long after. Freeman and his passenger, Demaris Meyer, were both critically hurt in a car accident in 2008. Meyer then filed a lawsuit against Freeman, alleging that he was operating a vehicle while intoxicated at the time of the collision.

Morgan Freeman Wife
Morgan Freeman Wife

Morgan Freeman Wife: Colley-Lee, decided to dissolve their marriage soon after the accident. There were rumors that Freeman had been having an affair with Meyer and that this was the reason for the vehicle accident, which resulted in the divorce. Meyer strongly refuted these allegations. The purported liaison was never verified.

Has Freeman Remarried Since His Second Divorce?

Morgan Freeman Wife: Since his second divorce, Freeman hasn’t taken any more trips down the aisle. He has, however, been the focus of some scandals in recent years.

E’Dena Hines, Freeman’s 33-year-old stepgranddaughter, was savagely murdered by her lover in 2015. Deena Bradshaw, a daughter of Jeanette Adair Bradshaw, was the mother of Hines. Following Hines’ horrifying demise, speculations of sexual interaction between her and Freeman reappeared.

Who Is Morgan Freeman?

Morgan Freeman Wife: Years had passed since these stories had surfaced, but Freeman and Hines insisted they were untrue. In a 2012 statement, Freeman claimed: “The recent claims of any proposed marriage or love involvement of mine with anyone are malicious fabrications from the tabloid media intended to sell papers. Even more concerning is the fact that the good press is also publishing these fabrications.

“These stories about my grandfather and me are not only inaccurate, but they are also painful to my family and me,” Hines said to support her claim.

Morgan Freeman Wife: However, after Hines was killed, a defense lawyer for her killer reopened the story, claiming that Hines had verified it to the client the week before her death. The claims were never given any more support.

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