Matthew Rhode Bio: Net Worth, Early Life & Social Media!

If you excel at something, you will undoubtedly achieve fame and wealth. Voice actors succeeding monetarily and popularly are few and far between. One of the most well-known voice actors in the area is Matthew Rhode.

Whether it be the Star-Trek commercial work or many other projects, Matthew has done some excellent voice over work. The reveal is that Rhode is already wed to a model and has a contented life. However, there is more to learn about him, so stick around till the finish.

Matthew Rhode Biography

Matthew Rhode was born in Kentucky, United States, on April 19, 1982. His parents’ names are unknown to the world’s media. Nobody else besides the parent’s name and nothing about the siblings is hidden from view.

Rhode is both of white ancestry and American nationality. His Aries zodiac sign indicates that he is a hard worker and someone who is determined. Both characteristics apply to Matthew.

Matthew Rhode Height, Age

Rhode is currently 38 years old. He is 6’6″ tall. However, the general public is unaware of his body weight. The beard, which highlights the man’s personality, helps his towering stature. Even though his height is known, no one can view any of his crucial body information.

Rhode has done some excellent work with his figure for a voice actor. A good diet and regular exercise will give you a fit body. Dark brown hair and sparkling eyes of the same color play a significant part in completing the physical appearance. We will inform the readers of any developments regarding shoe and clothing sizing.

Early Life and Education

Rhode was raised there with his family and siblings after being born in Kentucky. We have very little information on the parents’ names; thus, we are unable to determine how his childhood was. According to some stories, Matthew first played video games when he was 4. This demonstrates the fact that there was complete freedom for a career choice in the family.

Regarding his educational history, Rhode graduated from the Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre. The gifted individual joined the overlapping field of study since he was intensely interested in performing.

Matthew Rhode Career

Matthew experienced several highs and lows before becoming successful in the voice-over segment of the industry. Rhode completed a lot of modest tasks.

Matthew began working in phone sales when he was 18 years old. After that job, he worked on building projects as well because he had trouble getting his everyday necessities met. After leaving his profession in phone sales, Rhode succeeded in the entertainment industry.


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Matthew participated in the NYC audition circuits right after graduating. The individual was able to secure advertisements for Powerade, JC Penny, Progressive Insurance, and Chevron thanks to all of this.

Most readers might be unaware that Rhode provided the voice for the top-rated GTA Auto V video game. The artist has also done some acting work in addition to voiceovers. Kings of Yorktown, Dangerous Liaisons, In the Dark, and Bad Advice from My Brother, among other titles. Rhode works in various professions, but one thing is for sure—he was born to do voiceovers. Real Time with Bill Maher, which he voiced for the first time in 2017, was a big-screen project.

There have been numerous pieces of unacknowledged work for the artist along the road. Skyscraper, The Equalizer 2, Black Panther, The Joker, Jumanji, Blade Runner 2049, Wish Upon, American Made, Wormwood, Logan, Wish Upon, Blade Runner 2049, Well, the list just keeps growing.

But unavoidably, Star-Trek is what sets his work apart from other excellent projects. Rhode’s voice appears in more than ten episodes in one of his most recent works from 2020. Undoubtedly, it is a success. Readers will be aware of the growing amount of labor as time goes on.

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Who Is Matthew Rhode’s Wife?

If you are good at something, a beautiful person should take you for life. Matthew Rhode, a brilliant voice actor, has a similar situation. The attractive American is married to Adrianne Curry, a model who is very attractive.

Matthew Rhode's Wife Adrianne Curry
Matthew Rhode’s Wife, Adrianne Curry

Model Adrianne, who is well-known, met Matthew while working together. Curry was taken aback by his rich, resonant voice and muscular build, and they soon began dating.

One thing is sure: they were meant to be together. The precise date of their meeting is hidden from the media. On September 15, 2018, both lovers went down the aisle. It was a unique and intimate gathering.

According to sources, they got married in a Game of Thrones-themed elopement. The duo seemed to know how to make things wonderful and thrilling. Nearly two years have passed since the wedding, yet nothing is known about the children.

From what we can see, they appear to be more preoccupied with their career now. The dude seemed to be more of a bashful person. Two years into their relationship, Curry and Rhode are still going strong. We think they will get along for a very long time because there is no divide between them.

Matthew Rhode Net Worth?

Although Matthew Rhode is outspoken in his professional capacity, the details of his private life are undoubtedly very different. Rhode hasn’t worked in the voice-over business in almost ten years, and this has been beneficial for his popularity and income. By the year 2020, Rhode will have assets of $1 million.

All of this is the product of his work in voice acting and the business he runs with his wife. Curry and Rhode collaborate to balance their personal and professional lives.

Although correct information on net worth is available, neither the annual income nor the assets owned are.

Matthew likes playing video games in his spare time. This American artist spends most of his time gaming, having fun, and streaming his wife on Twitch. Readers will be informed if the information on the annual income and assets is available.

Social Media

Social media is a requirement if you are eager to succeed in the eyes of your fans. But Matthew sees it from a different angle. Rhode doesn’t personally own any social media handles, so that explains why. However, his Instagram nickname, duck sauce, ensures his twitch remains active. Readers can understand

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