Matt Ryan Wife: How Did They First Meet?

Matt Ryan Wife: NFL star Matt Ryan is well-known. He plays for Indianapolis and is 37 years old. He played for the Falcons for a very long period before moving on to Indianapolis. He is one of the NFL players with the highest salaries. Tell us about Matt Ryan’s wife, kids, and family.

Sarah Marshall and Matt Ryan are wed. They both fell in love, and in 2011 they married. Both of them were blessed with twins. John and Marshall were born to Sarah on April 8, 2018.

The couple also posted a picture of themselves cradling their two boys with the remark, “Welcome my boys, Marshall and Johny,” on social media. Before getting hitched in 2011, Sarah and Matt dated for a long time.

How Did They First Meet?

Matt Ryan Wife: Additionally, it is claimed that the couple first connected in 2003. They both went to the same Boston college, where they first connected as freshmen. Sarah also mentioned meeting Matt while the athletes worked out in the weight room.

She continued by saying that they initially grew close through friendship before beginning a relationship. Similar to how Matt proposed to Sarah during the 2010 football season. Sarah participates in basketball as a player for the BC women’s team.

The pair has a history of real estate investments. Both of them have invested in several upscale properties. After Matt moved to Indianapolis, Sarah, Matt’s wife, thanked the Atlanta Falcons for everything and said she would always be grateful to them.

Where Is Matt Ryan’s Family Live?

Matt Ryan Wife: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, was Matt’s home during his formative years. He had always dreamed of being an athlete.

He participated in numerous football matches in high school and college, after which he decided to make football his career. In addition to playing American football, Matt also enjoys playing golf. He also listens to it anytime he has free time and shares photos on social media.

The third child of Matt Ryan’s parents, Michael Ryan and Bernice Ryan is Matt. Among his four siblings, Matt comes in third. He was raised by Irish parents and continues to identify as Irish. One sister and two brothers, Kate, Michael, and John make up Ryan’s other three siblings.

He is a white Catholic Roman Catholic. Along with his siblings, Matt grew up in Exton, Pennsylvania.

Who Is Matt Ryan Married With?

Matt Ryan Wife: While they were both students at Boston College from 2003 to 2007, the Falcons quarterback became acquainted with Sarah Marshall.

Sarah recalled to The Gwinnett Daily Post how she initially came into contact with Ryan by saying, “We met during our first year at Boston College.”

“Every single one of the athletes and every single one of the teams trained in the same building. The first time we met was in the locker room, which I know, I know, sounds so cliche.”

Matt Ryan Wife
Matt Ryan Wife

Matt Ryan Wife: “It all began with a friendly relationship. We would run into each other in the halls, and since we were both parts of the same social circle, our paths eventually crossed.”

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Have Matt And Sarah Been Blessed With Children?

Matt Ryan Wife: The couple made the exciting announcement on Instagram on November 21, 2017, that they were expecting twins.

The caption for the post sent by the football player said, “Happy to announce we’re having twins!”

In addition, Sarah announced the news on her Instagram account, where she captioned the photo: “It has been a challenging journey, but Matt and I are delighted to finally be able to share the news that we are having twins! We cannot contain our excitement as we count the days before their arrival in April.”

Matt Ryan Wife: The married couple, who had just given birth to their twins, took to Instagram once more on April 8, 2018, to announce the arrival of their new children.

The Falcons quarterback shared a photo of his twin children on Instagram with the caption: “Please make ourselves at home, Marshall and Johnny. #DadLife and #FamilyLife.”

Matt and Sarah met in college and quickly fell in love. Years later, they were married and started a family.

Is Sarah Active On Social Media Platforms?

Matt Ryan Wife: The other half of Matty Ice has an extensive and dedicated fanbase on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

Sarah has amassed over 43 thousand Instagram followers interested in following her life.

She uploaded a picture of her twins to her Instagram account on February 25, 2022, with the message, “What a difference a week makes!”

“I will miss having sleepovers with the gang, going skinny dipping, playing sand wedges, doing superhero training, and eating all the food. Not depicted: the fathers playing golf.”

How Many Followers Does Sara Have On Twitter?

Matt Ryan Wife: On March 21, 2022, the football player’s wife sent a tweet to the Atlanta Falcons in which she said: “You’re the one who’s in tears, not me. Always grateful to have been a part of this squad, fan base, and city!”

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