Who is Matt Riddle’s Wife? Lisa Riddle’s Profession

Matt Riddle’s Wife: She also competed in the Olympic weightlifting competition. She grew up in Las Vegas, a major tourist destination known worldwide for its casinos, hotels, restaurants, and nightlife. Matt Riddle, Lisa’s husband, and a professional wrestler and martial artist, is also a well-known figure in his own right. There has been much speculation about Lisha, who is likely under 40 years old, on the internet for a considerable time.

Lisa Riddle’s Husband, Matt Riddle

After a short courtship, Lisa and Matt Riddle tied the knot in 2011. After losing his wrestling scholarship in high school, Riddle decided to pursue mixed martial arts instead. The Ultimate Fighter is how he broke into the UFC. Riddle won a unanimous decision over Dante Rivera for his mixed martial arts debut after The Ultimate Fighter 7.

Subsequently, he embarked on a two-fight winning streak, beating Steve Bruno and Dan Cramer. At UFC 105, he was defeated for the first time by Nick Osipczak. It was then that Riddle embarked on a two-fight winning streak, which was followed by a two-fight losing streak. After having two victories nullified owing to a positive cannabis test, he had his share of cannabis-related troubles. In February 2014, Riddle competed in the Titan Fighting Championship.

In the latter part of that year, he decided to try his hand at professional wrestling. Riddle debuted with the WWE on July 31, 2018, via NXT. He did pretty well for himself while representing the black and yellow label. In May of 2020, Riddle was selected for WWE’s SmackDown. On February 21, 2021, Riddle triumphed over Bobby Lashley and John Morrison to become the new WWE United States Champion.


A few months later, on April 19th, Riddle won on RAW against Randy Orton. After the match, he and the ‘Viper’ formed a tag team known as RK-Bro. Up to this point, the group has had a lot of success. Right now, Riddle and Orton have won the Raw Tag Team Championship twice.

Lisa Riddle and Matt Riddle’s Families

The only known fact regarding Lisa Riddle’s origins is that she was born in the United States. Lisa Rennie was born to be a nurse. Before she married Matt Riddle, she pursued her professional gymnastics and wrestling careers.

Matt Riddle entered this world on January 14, 1986, in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Nobody knows anything about his upbringing. By the time he transferred to Saratoga Springs High School in 2004, he had already won the state wrestling title. In high school, he pinned the most incredible light heavyweight of all time, Jon Jones of the UFC.

Lisa Riddle’s Kids

The Riddles are a family of five: Lisa, Matt, and their three kids. In 2011, Lisa gave birth to two identical twin girls named Amy and Allison Riddle. A year and a half later, on December 27, 2013, they had a son, Zachary Riddle. Lisa has been a tremendous help to Matt Riddle as a parent since she plays the part of the ideal mother.

Lisa Riddle’s Profession And Net Worth

Gymnast and wrestler Lisa Riddle competed at the highest levels. She has been named to the All-American gymnastics team twice. She is also a dedicated cross-fitter, among other things.

Lisa has amassed a net worth of almost $1 million thanks to her success as a gymnast and wrestler. She posts frequently on Instagram, where she has gained 14.5k followers.

Matt Riddle’s Net Worth

Matt Riddle’s career has gained a lot of attention and success. The fame of Matt Riddle has grown significantly. Here it is for those looking for Matt Riddle’s Net Worth. According to Matt, Riddle has a $3 million net worth.

Matt Riddle’s Wife Confirms Divorce With WWE Star

Wife and current WWE Superstar Matt Riddle, Lisa Rennie, has confirmed the couple’s separation. An Instagram post from the former Olympic weightlifter revealed the news. She shared a photo of herself and her children on social media, writing, “It’s been a month since the divorce was completed.”


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The judge will sign the papers in a month, and our divorce will be official. The kids and I are thrilled with this new chapter in our lives, and we appreciate everyone’s support along the way. In 2020, when Riddle revealed his romance with fellow wrestler Candy Cartwright, Lisa initially made headlines. A sexual assault allegation was made by Cartwright, but the WWE star rejected the allegations.

Then, in October of 2021, the former UFC star posted a selfie of himself and his new tag team partner Randy Orton. In the caption, he wrote, “it doesn’t get much better than this,” implying that he was pretty happy with his current situation.

Matt Riddle Addresses Allegations Against Him

Lisa answered her ex-post. While tweeting about her ex-boyfriend, her Husband stated, “You would say that now that you packed up and relocated to Orlando away from your children.” In preparation for WrestleMania Backlash, Riddle has been announced to join forces with Orton and Drew McIntyre to take on The Bloodline.

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