How Did Lorde Lose Weight? Is Lorde a Vegan?

Lorde Weight Loss: Lorde’s birth date is 11/7/1996, and her birthplace is listed as Takapuna, Auckland, New Zealand. Sonja Yelich, her mother, is a poet, and Vic O’Connor, her father, is a civil engineer. After 30 years of dating, Sonja and Vic finally tied the knot in 2017. Lorde spent her childhood in Devonport with her three siblings: older sister Jerry, younger sister India, and younger brother Angelo.

At age five, she had her stage debut, and she always had a passion for books and a natural talent for the English language. She had already read books well beyond her reading level and was correcting her mother’s Master’s thesis by the time she was 14 years old.

Lorde Weight Loss Journey

After the release of her single “Royals” in 2013, Lorde quickly rose to prominence, and she was subjected to overall body shaming across various social media sites. She claims that as people caught a glimpse of her appearance, they began making fun of her. She explained it all in an NME interview. Lorde has returned to the limelight with her new hit album Solar Power, her first release in four years following 2017’s Melodrama.

Her fans went wild after she released the music video for her single “Solar Power,” in which she showed off her incredible abs by covering only the top half of her stomach. It was clear that Lorde underwent a process of losing weight and regaining her self-esteem after years of being bullied for the way her body looked.

Lorde Workout Routine

Lorde’s vocal abilities and versatility have garnered her widespread acclaim. Furthermore, her approach to composing has earned her a distinct reputation in the industry. Lorde’s current album and live performances on numerous shows attest that she has become increasingly toned and attractive to her many devoted followers.

Lorde Weight Loss
Lorde Weight Loss

How does Lorde maintain her fitness, and what does a typical Lorde day in the gym look like for her? Luckily, I learned everything I needed to know about her training regimen thanks to an article in Women’s Health, in which the writers interviewed Lorde’s “Kimmel” trainer. Kimmel revealed to Women’s Health that Lorde’s workouts typically last between 30 and 40 minutes due to her hectic touring schedule.

You may also find pictures of Lorde running and performing a kettlebell workout before the tour if you do a google image search. However, when they are not on time, Kimmel demands Lorde to the gym for an hour and a half. Thus, it is there that kids would engage in a wide range of physical activities.

Lorde is Involved in Training Like

Cardio & Warm-up
Kimmel insists that Lorde take 30 minutes out of their busy schedule to exercise by having her jog and perform some yoga poses. Nonetheless, when they are not watching, Lorde begins her training with a 15-minute cardio routine. While Lorde typically jogs for this time, you are welcome to perform any cardio exercise of your own. Subsequently, Lorde will warm up with a 15-20 minute yoga session.

Full-body Circuit Routine
After that, Lorde is forced to complete a workout that combines traditional weightlifting with Pilates and Barre exercises by Kimmel. Two of Kimmel’s gym sessions with Lorde are detailed in the Women’s Health piece, and they are as follows:

Routine 1

  • Long-jump burpees
  • Ten repetitions of a single-arm overhead press from a kneeling position.
  • Plank on your forearms for 45 seconds
  • Get-ups
  • 20 reps of crunches in reverse
  • Ten bridges with one leg on each side
  • Pilates slow roll-ups, x 12

Routine 2

  • Twelve on either side of a side lunge into a curtsy squat.
  • Plank position with the top leg up, and hold for 30 seconds on each side.
  • Backward lunges with a swinging front leg 12 times on each side
  • Set of 12 Deadlifts with Tricep Extensions
  • Knees-to-elbows for 45 seconds
  • Knee bend in the second position 12 times, with the final bend held for 45 seconds.
  • The Lorde exercise plan ends here.

I could not locate a reliable source on Lorde’s daily diet or preferred foods, so we still don’t know what she eats. I am aware that Lorde prefers vegetarian fare and makes an effort to eat healthily on the regular. However, I am unable to provide any specifics regarding Lorde’s diet. So, I’m going to give you a diet that, together with Lorde’s exercise regimen, should help you achieve a trim and toned physique, just like hers.

On the menu for Lorde:

Is Lorde a Vegan?

Since Lorde is so concerned with her figure, I believe she stays in shape by regularly consuming the vegetarian fare she enjoys. However, it is unclear if Lorde is a strict vegetarian or vegan or if she occasionally indulges in meat. So, please share your knowledge with us below if you are privy to this information.

  • Breakfast: Oatmeal and blueberry pancake
  • Snack: Fruit salad And Detox tea
  • Lunch: Chicken breast, Brown rice, And Veggies
  • Dinner: Whole-grain pasta or salmon salad
    That’s all for the Lorde diet plan.

Lorde Career

Lorde and McDonald started performing together as Ella & Louis in and around Auckland in 2010, and Lorde began voice lessons the following year. In November of 2011, Lorde made her debut at the Victoria Theatre in Devonport, where she sang her original compositions for the first time.


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Lorde’s full-length album, “Pure Heroine,” was released to widespread acclaim in September of that same year, following her critically acclaimed EP, “The Love Club,” in November of 2012. The EP and album both feature “Royals,” while “Pure Heroine” features the hit tracks “Tennis Court,” “Team,” and “Glory and Gore,” among others. In 2013, Lorde released not one but two new extended plays: Tennis Court and Lived in Concert.

Ultimately, Lorde settled on a $2.5 million publishing contract with Songs Music Publishing in November 2013. On the soundtrack for “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” in 2013, Lorde covered Tears for Fears’ “Everybody Wants to Rule the World,” and on the soundtrack for “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1” in 2014, she performed four tracks and curated the album’s tracklist.

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