Kevin Smith Explains How He Lost 50 Pounds After a Heart Attack and Is Now Maintaining His Weight!

Kevin Smith Weight Loss: American screenwriter, actor, director, film producer, and creator of comic books, Kevin Smith has a fortune of $25 million. Kevin Smith rose to prominence in the entertainment industry after playing a prominent role in his directing debut, Clerks. In addition, Kevin Smith has helmed a lot of scary movies.

How Did Kevin Smith Weight Loss?

“Trigger alert: We’re going to talk about poop. Oily, greasy shits. The fat blockers Kevin Smith, 48, the actor-director-comedian best known for playing Silent Bob, took around 2000 caused him to experience scatological side effects, which he calls “the ridiculous thing I’ve ever done to lose weight.” He claims, “I was spitting pizza oil.

Between stand-up performances on February 25, 2018, at the Alex Theatre in Glendale, California, Smith’s heart stopped beating due to his weight loss experiments, which had led to extreme fluctuations (up to 80 pounds). He had a 100% anterior descending artery blockage due to an acute myocardial infarction. The producer of widows. After years of yo-yoing, Smith explains, “the heart attack was like, Yo!”

He was on a fentanyl drip and lying in a room at Adventist Health Glendale when the cardiologist conducted an emergency angioplasty and implanted a stent, giving him only a 20% chance of life. Smith claims he did so because the Degrassi: The Next Generation theme song “was hopeful.” “‘I know I can get it through, whatever it takes.'”

Smith sought to find tranquility on the operation table while appearing cheerful. He says, “I was ready to go. The absence of a Jay and Silent Bob remake was the only thing I regretted. I was sitting there thinking, “Fuck! Yoga Hosers will be my final film.” I must venture out on something else, Goddammit!

Following his heart attack, Smith experimented with an all-potato diet before moving on to a more extensive plant-based diet akin to that of his daughter. The simplest way he discovered to be healthy, after 25 years of experimentation and nearly deadly error, was to become a vegan. He responds, “I don’t blame them; nobody wants to hear that. No matter how you cook them, vegetables are terrible compared to a piece of cake or a steak. But I consider it this way: I am familiar with the flavor of such an item. It isn’t going anywhere, either.

Kevin Smith Weight Loss
Kevin Smith Weight Loss

Smith has a fresh outlook thanks to his experience with mortality: “I ate whatever I wanted to for 47 years; I will try the way I’m supposed to for one year and see what happens.” It’s practical: He lost 50 pounds and kept it off in just six months. He currently weighs 198 pounds. He works out with his trainer Shecky, a miniature dachshund, each day, and chefs prepare his meals (whoever is holding a spatula at his local Veggie Grill).

His regimen serves as a stark reminder that straightforwardness is often sufficient. Every day, he takes Shecky for an hour-long walk; he later clarifies, “Actually, she takes me. To the top of Runyon Canyon, not far from his house in the Hollywood Hills, “She drags me,” he says. He maintains a vegan and low-sugar diet, observes portion management, and uses the WW app to scan labels. (Recently, he was named an ambassador for the former Weight Watchers program.) He takes Lipitor to reduce inflammation and bad cholesterol.

After his widowmaker for a year, Smith can see what he has accomplished. Energy is the first thing. Lots more, he replies. Never gets tired. He is always prepared to act. This has sparked a revival in the arts. He’s currently in pre-production on Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, resuming the character he portrayed in his debut movie, Clerks, after years of failed attempts.

Smith’s psyche has also lost some weight. In the past, when bad things would happen in my life—and bad things always happen—I would say things like, “Yoga Hosers bombed, and I’m heavy. There was always something more. He can now lessen the effects of hardship. “At least you’re in better shape now, I think. I’ll view it through the most important lens: “Bitch, you should be dead!” This is all just gravy.

His attitude has made it simple for him to hammer out a habit of repetitive repetition akin to Groundhog Day. He describes himself as “the Norm of Veggie Grill.” He enjoys repetition. He consistently orders the same dish, Mondo Nachos and a Beyond Burger, for which Smith will bring his pita flatbread because he is constantly conscious of WW points.

Not considering his upcoming meal also prevents him from considering other possible meals. He refers to Jared Fogle, who has subsequently been found guilty of sex offenses, and says, “I hate to compare it, but remember homeboy who went to Subway and ate the same thing.” “The concept of eating only one meal daily puts me in the zone. I’m not drowsy. It functions.

The rigors of Smith’s profession, which include comedy, directing, and hosting numerous podcasts, will inevitably push him outside the reach of his preferred chain, at which point he will look for nearby vegan eateries or fall back on the Mediterranean fare (hummus, falafel, or Mexican rice & beans). He declares, “I’m a huge beans man,” noting that they do not count toward his daily allotment of 25 WW points, determined by a food’s protein, sugar, saturated fat, and calories.

Smith’s primary concern as he looks ahead is losing fear itself. He says, “The aim is always to be afraid. “Once I get over being terrified, I get scared again, you know?” That ought to be simple, considering he always fears having a heart attack that didn’t come on suddenly: no chest pain, no arm numbness—just nausea and shortness of breath. However, his speedy comeback can encourage complacency.

Sex with his wife, Jennifer Schwalbach Smith, is one area that needs improvement. He claims, “Our sex life was always quite healthy.” But eventually, my wife said, “We need to find a new method to do this. Your body is unique. For the pushing, you used to have a lot of cushions. It would help if you worked harder right now. Then I said, “All right! I could take on the challenge! He has spent more time on top. The wrinkle makes me think, “Holy sh*t! Who knew this was feasible?’ he exclaims while grinning. “So it has helped there as well,”


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The idea is that some pleasures make enduring a little bit less complicated. One is cannabis for Smith, who gets up early and bakes. He switched from smoking two packs of cigarettes daily to marijuana, although he knew that ingesting it would be more beneficial. “Look, do edibles,” has been the advice from every doctor.

He acknowledges, “It’s better, it’s safer. I’m a flower man, though. Smith had smoked a joint just before the widowmaker struck, which, according to his doctor, may have prevented a possibly fatal panic attack. The last joint you smoked could have saved your life, she said. I immediately said, “I’m putting that on a fucking T-shirt!”

Smith is eager to put in a lot of effort and keep growing. After shooting Jay and Silent Bob Reboot is complete, he plans to begin a more demanding exercise routine. And he supports abstinence up to a degree. “I stopped eating foods made from animals. I’ve mostly stopped eating sugar, he claims. Cannabis is vegan. It came directly from the ground. I’m only going to cling onto this until I have another health emergency and a doctor says, “No.

Kevin Smith’s Survival Plan

Wake & Bake: Smith fasts in the morning and drinks unsweetened iced tea.

Lunch: Mondo Nachos and Beyond Burger at Veggie Grill.

Snack: MadeGood Chocolate Banana Granola Minis.

Workout: One-hour walk with his dog. He posts it on Instagram to be accountable to his 1.6 million followers.

Dinner: Bombay Spice chickpeas.

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