How Did Kevin Belton Lose Weight? What Are His Diet Plan and Fitness Routine?

Kevin Belton Weight Loss: What do you suppose a Chef spends most of his or her time doing? So, food, food, and more food. There is nothing wrong with cooking now. The issue, though, is overeating that food. One of the chef’s responsibilities is to taste cuisine before it is served to others. As a result, people consume a lot of calories without even realizing it.

Kevin Belton, a well-known American chef, is dealing with the same issue. You may have seen the chef prepare delectable dishes on television. He’s a fantastic chef. However, he gained a lot of weight due to his efforts. Who doesn’t feel enticed when surrounded by so much good food?

Belton gradually reached a stage where doctors advised him to lose weight since his blood pressure was rising. Many additional issues were also arising. He became concerned and began to investigate. Belton worked it out perfectly. His weight progressively gained, then he gradually lost it.

You might not have noticed much difference if you’ve followed Kevin for a while. However, you will see a significant improvement if you compare him to his three-three-year-old images. Belton stated in an interview, “I’ve been working on it for a long time.” I do consider the food. I needed to take action. I was starting to feel uneasy. I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes, and my blood pressure was also rising. So my wife and I decided to take action.”

When Did Kevin Start the Weight Loss Journey?

Kevin finally resolved to lose unhealthy and excessive weight in 2017. He took drastic measures as his health began to fail him. It was a difficult task, but Kevin had no choice. He has to be in good shape for himself and his loved ones.

Kevin Belton Weight Loss
Kevin Belton Weight Loss

When the famed chef began his weight loss quest, he focused exclusively on his health and avoided watching television for a while. Kevin focused on his health and well-being as his admirers waited for him to break the silence and teach them some delectable dishes. It was a more vital task.

How Kevin lost weight?

Kevin’s admirers were ecstatic when, after a two-year hiatus, he returned to social media in 2019. People went berserk when he posted his fresh images, wondering what Belton had done all this time. Some were also concerned about his health.

He did, however, state unequivocally that there was nothing wrong with his health. His health is substantially better than it was previously. When Kevin revealed that he had purposefully lost weight, followers were keen to learn more.

Most people wanted to know what drugs he used to lose weight. Belton, on the other hand, had not utilized any weight-loss drugs. He dropped weight much healthier by just adhering to nutritional standards. The supporters were ecstatic for a reason: Kevin had lost significant weight. Over two years, he lost over half of himself. Here’s what he did to slim down.

Kevin Belton Diet Plan

Belton adhered to a low-carbohydrate diet. A low-carb diet restricts carbohydrate consumption. Belton steers clear of grains, starchy vegetables, and fruits. He consumes protein-rich foods. “I eat low carb, not no carb, because it is just not for me,” Kevin explained. I eat a lot of tiny meals. It took a long time and was difficult, but it was well worth it.”

“It doesn’t feel good when you skip eating something you enjoy,” Kevin added. It is difficult to adjust to new foods in your diet. It will take a lot of effort from you. But if you know this is the proper thing to do. It is not only the right thing to do but also the only thing to do. Then it does not appear difficult to modify.” He also switched fresh juices for green tea.

Kevin Belton Workout Plan

Kevin also began a strict training regimen. Belton’s workout was distinct in that it was not strenuous. He took his time. This explains why Belton took so long to get in shape. The chef tweeted, “It took me almost two years, but I’ve shed 130 pounds.”


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I work out with my wife and puppy Cookie Monster every day.” He has joined a gym but prefers to work at home with his wife.

What Has Kevin Said About Weight Loss?

“I had to do something about it,” Kevin explained. It’s been more than two years, and I still have some time left, but my doctor stated I might have easily ended 10-20 years of my life. And I feel so much better and appreciative for it.” Losing weight has several advantages. It not only protects you from many ailments but also lengthens your life.

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