What Did Kelly Say About Her Weight Loss Journey?

Kelly is much more than just her gorgeous features and sense of style, even though the story that has been making ripples since she publicly announced it in 2020 is her weight loss operation. She works as a model, actor, TV host, singer, and fashion designer. After making a sensational start, Kelly appeared in various TV and theatre productions.

What Did Kelly Say On Her Weight Loss Journey?

She is highly renowned for her work with legendary musicians like LL Cool J, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Elton John, and Jermaine Dupri, to mention a few.

She became well-known in 2000 thanks to her performance of “As We Lay,” but since then, most of her work has been background singing.

Her immense frame was one of the reasons she failed in the mainstream.

Why Did Kelly Gain Weight?

Since the start of her career, Price has been the target of media attention focused on her body image and weight loss quest.

On April 6, 2021, the “Friend of Mine” songwriter opened up to The Breakfast Club about body shaming in the music business.

According to her accounts, several people informed her that she didn’t “fit the profile” of a prominent musician because of her curvy shape.

What Did Kelly Look Like Before And After She Lost Weight?

The R&B Diva discussed how she refused to accept a record deal with Jive Records because the executive informed her that she would have to lose weight. Nobody wants to see an overweight girl sing, he had said.

Price stated that the record label would have ended her goals if she hadn’t attained the desired body size.

Kelly-Price-Weight-Loss_ (2)
Kelly-Price-Weight-Loss_ (2)

She also discussed an event at Daddy’s House were several people ridiculed her physique while she was taping. Price then criticized the media and the sector as a whole for pressuring her to adopt a special appearance without reluctance.

Is Kelly Price Happy With Her Loss Of Weight?

With the caption “From one fat lady to y’all,” American singer-songwriter Lizzo shared her opinions on why certain people find it difficult to lose weight because that’s how their bodies are built naturally.

In the interview above, Price, a close friend of Lizzo, expressed gratitude to her. She explained how she and other artists were promoting body-positive messages and rewriting the history of beauty.

The 48-year-old also talked about how early body-shaming comments from her fans and label executives harmed her confidence as a performer.

She acknowledged that she had begun to adopt extreme diets and exercise regimens for weight loss.

After losing weight, Kelly Price shows off her waist. (Image from Instagram)

Price believed that if she had possessed Lizzo’s confidence when she was her age, she would have made better choices in her professional and personal life.
She is significant. People frequently enquire about her.

Because I wasn’t around when I was her age, I appreciate that she loves herself and the skin she’s in. I wasn’t like that.
In contrast to her lack of confidence in her prime, Price is gradually coming to love her figure and her health regimens. And her Instagram photos show that she has lost weight.

She uploaded a picture of herself wearing ratty jeans on January 25, 2022. She outgrew the waist size of the pants, indicating that she had shed a sizable amount of weight.

So this happened this weekend,” she said in the caption, noting that it was the first time in 11 months that she had donned the pants. Price said, “I felt proud,” adding that she still wore them with a belt.

Kelly Price claims that record industry professionals insisted she loses weight the day she signed her record deal. Price and Jive Records reached a significant agreement.

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Has Kelly Lost Weight After Surgery?

To get rid of her extra weight and improve her health and appearance, she had gastric sleeve surgery in 2018. There is a stark contrast between Kelly’s then and now after her pivotal choice.

Kelly has inspired millions of women worldwide who are debating whether to have surgery by going public with her bariatric procedure.

The results of Kelly’s weight loss operation now serve as unequivocal proof of gastric sleeve surgery’s advantages for those dealing with obesity.

The procedure aided the former reality star in changing her diet and pursuing a life that prioritized physical exercise, good health, and a balanced diet. Most importantly, she carried out all of this without any sense of shame, terror, or remorse. She had no desire to keep it secret from the public.

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