Karlie Redd Before And After Lip Filler & Injectable Botox!

Born Keisha Lewis on April 15, 1974, Karlie Redd is an American actress, rapper, model, and television personality. She is most known for being a regular on the VH1 reality series Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta since the program’s launch in June 2012.

Karlie Redd Early life and Education

Karlie (sometimes reported as “Keisha”) Lewis was born to an African-American father and Trinidadian mother in New York City. Redd was born on April 15th, although her exact birth year is contested. Redd was raised in Trinidad and New York, permanently moving back there when she was 12. Redd received his studies at the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater and the Harlem School of the Arts. Redd has a bachelor’s degree.

Karlie Redd Career

Redd received a role in the 2001 film Black Spring Break 2 under Keisha “Karlie” Lewis. Redd appeared in the VH1 reality series Scream Queens in 2010. She was chosen to appear in the 2012 season of the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta spinoff on VH1. On the show, Redd has dated the hip-hop stars, Benzino and Yung Joc.

Research of emotional reactions to the show gleaned from social media data revealed that 16% of them were triggered by Redd’s performances in the program’s fifth season, with the majority being unfavorable. In the 2014 Chris Rock movie Top Five, Redd has his first leading part in a big-budget movie.

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She presently has a recurrent part in the Bounce TV serial drama Saints & Sinners. Redd’s first single, “A Girl Has Needs,” was made available on iTunes in July 2012. She revealed in October 2018 that “Karlie Ferrari,” a forthcoming musical endeavor, might be published as an EP.

Business ventures: Redd introduced the Redd Remy Hairline in the summer of 2012. She started a women’s clothing business in Atlanta, Georgia, named Merci Boutique.

Karlie Redd Personal life

Jasmine, one of her daughters, has appeared on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. In October 2018, Redd made her engagement official. Redd was born on April 15th, with a birth year thought to fall between 1969 and 1974. Redd refused to disclose her birth year in 2012, only saying she was “in her twenties.

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta co-star K. Michelle, Redd’s ex-boyfriend and another co-star Benzino, Yung Joc, Scrap DeLeon, Lyfe Jennings, and Ceaser from the Black Ink Crew have all challenged her age, claiming that she is older than she claims to be.

Jasmine, an adult daughter of Redd who has made appearances on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, was a college student in 2015. Redd stated her age as 49 in a 2015 Playboy Plus issue, which would place her birth year as 1966. Redd revealed her age as 45 in an interview with The Real on May 20, 2019.

After Undergoing Extreme Plastic Surgery

According to a recent MTO News report, Karlie Redd has had many drastic plastic surgery procedures and is now hardly recognizable. On social media, the “Love & Hip Hop” star has recently come under fire, with many followers thinking that the 47-year-old may have “destroyed” herself in a futile attempt to look more attractive. The before and after images published by the outlet show remarkable improvements in the VH1 beauty’s face and butt.


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According to accounts, doctors, especially those practicing in Latin America, have developed a reputation for offering radical plastic surgical procedures; some have even been referred to as “face transplants” due to their impressive results. Karlie’s hips now measure a startling 60 inches, and the magazine claims that her face has also changed significantly.

Karlie came to public attention in June after being the target of daytime chat host Wendy Williams. The host of The Wendy Williams Show made fun of the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star before the VH1 series’ debut.

Wendy brought up the rumored romance between Karlie and Lamar Odom, pointing out that Lamar was in the Season 10 teaser, which was released on July 5. They both disapproved of any romantic entanglement.

Wendy said, “Lamar seems to be interested in Karlie Redd in the new Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta trailer, even though he is on the show, which, by the way, I didn’t believe].”

According to my head of Hot Topics, Wendy remarked, it is below Lamar’s level. He acts as though he is lowering himself by participating in this show. “No, he’s not,” I shot back. Lamar delights in fame and public visibility. He needs to move slowly.

Karlie ‘Before’ Rumor Regarding Cosmetics

Karlie’s cheekbones and lips are noticeably smaller in recent pictures than those shot before she was the subject of surgery rumors. Additionally, she never before requested the cat eye look from her makeup artist for her eyes.

Karlie Redd Before And After
Karlie Redd Before And After

In December 2019, the famous person didn’t appear to have any cosmetic operations. Fans are now convinced that she has undergone lip and cheek filler, a slight facelift, and cat-eye surgery, the latter of which she admitted. Despite the rumor of plastic surgery, many people still believe Karlie is one of the “prettiest faces in reality TV.”

injectable Botox

Another surgery myth connected to the “Ferrari Karlie” star is the use of Botox injections. It’s possible that she received the treatment to restore the youthful skin she formerly had because no star likes to age.

Her forehead lines and facial wrinkles have significantly lessened compared to the face she had in the past. We are even more convinced that she has utilized cosmetic injections on her face, given the strange disappearance of age-related features like fine lines and dark circles.

Minor Nose Repair

Additionally, it has been suggested that Karlie Redd, whose real name is Karlie Lewis, had surgery to alter the shape of her nose. The apparent reason for this is her recent modification to her nose.

Her nasal bridge and bump were once larger and thicker than her current smaller, more pointed nose. It implies that her nose was suitably trimmed.

A Lip Filler

Fans of the “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta (LHHATL)” star went social media crazy about the star’s new look. The pictures she had at the time seem pretty promising for proving the truth, given the subsequent thickness gain.

Her lips appear fuller and more beautiful because they are now noticeably bigger. It is relatively straightforward that she got lip fillers just by looking at her current photo.

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