How Did Johnny Knoxville Get Injured? What Thoughts Have They Expressed About Their Injuries?

Johnny Knoxville Injury: Johnny Knoxville is an American actor, producer, screenwriter, comedian, and stunt performer with a net worth of $50 million. The MTV reality series Jackass, which he co-created and starred in, is what made him most famous. On March 11, 1971, Philip John Clapp, better known by his stage name Johnny Knoxville, was born in Knoxville, Tennessee.

He has two elder sisters and was raised by his mother, Lemoyne, a Sunday school teacher, and his father, Philip, a car and tire dealer. Knoxville attributes the acting bug to his cousin, singer-songwriter Roger Alan Wade, who gave him a copy of Jack Kerouac’s On The Road. After South-Doyle High School in Knoxville, where he graduated in 1989, he relocated to California to pursue an acting career.

Johnny Knoxville Injury

Knoxville has put his body through so much trauma over the past 20 years of risking life and limb performing high-flying, safety-defying stunts on Jackass that doctors have compared it to “having been in a major car crash,” first on the 2000 TV series and then in numerous films and TV specials in the decades since. Because of this, Jackass Forever (out in cinemas on February 4) is the end of the road for him, at least in terms of dangerous exploits.

Knoxville, 50, tells Entertainment Weekly: “I knew going into this that this was my final hurrah with major stunts.” “There is a limit to how many risks you can take until one permanently catches up with you. It amazes me that I can still move around after realizing that. I believe I overreached my luck.”

Knoxville sustained some of the most severe injuries of his career while filming Jackass Forever. This led to his hospitalization and ultimately prompted him to cease production earlier than he had intended. He isn’t angry about how everything ended out, though. I have a very convoluted connection between pain and injury. Therefore, I deserve whatever suffering I’m in, he claims. “And I’ll be honest—I feel quite fantastic. I have no complaints, especially considering all I’ve done to myself and let to be done to me.”

Here, Knoxville guides EW through his most extreme professional injuries in Operation fashion.

1. 16 (Maybe 17 — He’s Not exactly Sure) Concussions

One concussion can be quite incapacitating. However, Knoxville has forgotten how many he has had. After Jackass Forever, he estimates that he has sustained 16 concussions. However, it may be 17. What he is sure of is: “I can’t sustain any more head injuries. I’ve had so many, and this one was particularly awful, so the doctor told me I was finished. I want to be there for my children when they become older because I have children. In ten years, perhaps, I won’t be slurping soup through a straw.”

During the first Jackass movie, Knoxville had a concussion and recalled one incredibly unpleasant side effect. “When I battled Butterbean, I had vertigo from the concussion,” he claims. “It wasn’t much of a battle, I guess. It had all the lopsidedness of a train disaster. But yes, I had vertigo, which persisted for a few weeks. The room would spin if I stood up and drove around a bend. That was bizarre.”

2. Mental Health Issues

Even though Knoxville never shows fear when performing feats, he acknowledges that it has been difficult emotionally to recuperate from some of his more severe wounds. After a concussion, “you might feel a bit sad sometimes,” he explains. “However, it sort of resolves itself. I believe that both physically and psychologically, I am quite powerful. I’m quite fortunate since a man with as many injuries as I haven’t always had it so well.”

3. Orbital Blowout Fracture

Fans of the queasy genre might want to turn away from this one. Knoxville soared 25 feet into the air while riding an alpine slide while shooting 2018’s Action Point, landing on the side of his face. Yes, it was just as horrible as it appeared. When Knoxville returned to the hotel from the emergency room after blowing his nose and having his left eye pop out, he discovered that he had had a blowout fracture in the shattered orbital lamina. “They claimed that my orbital lamina bone didn’t shatter; rather, it just powdered. It vanished.”

Johnny Knoxville Injury
Johnny Knoxville Injury

Such an apparent facial injury wouldn’t be a significant concern on a typical Jackass set because the actors often proudly display their bruises and black eyes as awards. However, the proof of his random face collision provided a challenge for a written film like Action Point.

After that, they could only shoot me in the right side of the face since the rest of my face appeared to have been drawn by Picasso, according to Knoxville. “And for six weeks, I was unable to sneeze. Then, while Pontius and I were strolling about a few evenings later, he made a great comment. When I laughed, I clutched my nose for illogical reasons, which caused my eye to come out again. Well s—-, I thought. Why did I chuckle while grabbing my nose and holding it? I must genuinely despise myself. Or maybe not so covertly.”

4. Torn Urethra

He got this horrible injury, and Knoxville will always be the first to laugh at how he got it. He remarks, “Breaking my Jim-dog was quite amusing. Even though he isn’t a motorcycle rider, he wanted to do a backflip at the Evel Knievel homage on MTV in 2008. He continues, “I did it three times, and each time I grew worse. The handlebars snapped off on my crotch after the third attempt after it rose 20 feet in the air and then fell.

5. Torn Tendon

In 2013, Knoxville claimed that when showing Bad Grandpa at a college fraternity, he mistakenly took Ecstasy at the after-party. Of course, he’s not upset about it, even if it resulted in a very severe injury.

He recalls, “There were kegs, there was beer pong, and I was sitting close to some of the kids in full Bad Grandpa makeup when someone handed me a cup to drink. “About 40 minutes later, I realized that I was X-ing at the moment. Since our team thought it was funny and I hadn’t used Ecstasy in a while, we just kept filming. They would have stopped any other production and asked, “What? Someone gave you a dose?”

But Knoxville simply leaned in and seized the chance for an outlandish prank, treating the now drug-fueled night like any other. There was a basketball hoop, so he recalls, “I sprang up and grabbed the net.” “I received a ball from someone and banged it, tearing a tendon in my ring finger. It was simply pointless. I didn’t realize anything had happened until I stopped using Ecstasy and alcohol the next day. I believe the fraternity was penalized for it, which I detested because I was ecstatic when they dosed me.”

6. Herniated Discs

Because some of his most extensive wounds don’t have a compelling backstory, Knoxville despises them intensely. He claims that herniated discs are his least preferred condition since you seldom witness them in action. “It’s just sort of an accumulation of all the wounds. I went through the wringer after Jackass Number Two, which started in about 2006. I still suffer from it now. I’ll always have that one with me. That was crippling.”

7. Sprained Ankles

Knoxville may thank David Letterman for this. He saw the ideal moment to make a suitably Jackass-style entrance when performing on Late Show With David Letterman in 2001. He explains, “Instead of leaving on foot, I fell from the rafters.” “I injured both of my ankles since I don’t know how to fall, so I had to leave on crutches. After that, it was difficult for me to move around, but I felt pleased to bust my ankles for David Letterman.”

Knoxville’s ankle injuries weren’t the first or the last time they occurred. He claims that he broke his ankles three times each. And despite several attempts by stuntmen to teach him how to fall correctly so that his ankles are protected, he consistently rejects their assistance.

“Not at all. I’d rather not know. Don’t sabotage my career, “Knoxville says in an unusually somber moment. “I want to crash to the earth in a collapsing disaster instead of just rolling out of it like some hot shot. I admire stuntmen. They have incredible athletic ability and are incredibly skilled. I’m not any of those things, either. I simply let gravity do its thing. My profession was founded on Newton’s third rule of motion and gravity.”

8. Broken Wrist and Rib (Along With a Concussion and Brain Hemorrhage)

Knoxville is a bull city. No matter how badly they ruin him, he will always refer to them as his favorite costar. “I like it every time they humiliate me. Please save me. I adore it. “With a dreamy grin, he adds. “Bulls, they’ve been very kind to me. They have treated our franchise exceptionally well. They are unselfish; they will do whatever it takes to bring you quality footage. They are just thinking about the moron in front of them; they are not thinking about themselves.


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Simply put, they despise everything that moves. They want to halt everything that is moving permanently. So we bless them for it.” But in Jackass Forever, Knoxville’s days of racing with the bulls are finished after taking a particularly severe blow from one. He laments, “I’m truly sorry that I’ll never get to jump in the ring with one again.” A bull by the name of Pecker Wrecker injured him during the act, sending him to the hospital with a concussion, a brain hemorrhage, a broken wrist, and a broken rib.

However, that wasn’t the first time. In the beginning, Knoxville claims he was struck many times by another bull, but it wasn’t the blow they were looking for, so they substituted Pecker Wrecker. And he did more than just perform; Knoxville was taken to the hospital and had to have the last few stunts from the movie edited while he was there getting well.

I still had two or three more large feats to perform since “we usually push my most risky acts to the back,” he claims. “However, following the bull, I was unable to perform those. For this one, as well as the others, I wanted to go all out. Instead of merely hobbling away, I wanted to go on a high note. They disappeared because I was the only one ready to perform those [stunts]. One day, I could decide to allow someone to do it. But I’m not sure.”

9. Broken Collarbone

Consider this one of those “silly” things that Knoxville acknowledges cause him “silly” ailments. “They chop it down when I’m at the top of a 30 to 40-foot Christmas tree,” he claims. “It simply collapses, and when I’m dressed as Santa Claus, I bang into the ground and break my collarbone. It was only so foolish.”

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