Is Tom Felton Married? Who is Tom Felton’s Ex Girlfriend?

Is Tom Felton Married: Perhaps some of you are already familiar with the name Tom Felton. After impersonating the infamous Harry Potter villain wizard, he can capture part of your interest. His success after taking on the job shows how fascinating his bad-boy aspect is. On the set, even one of his co-stars had a big crush on him!

What about his private love life? For the fans, it appears to have always been a mystery. It does not, however, put an end to tales and conjectures that circulate regarding his love life. Look at some of the less mysterious women he may have previously been involved with!

Who is the wife of Tom Felton?

Tom Felton is not yet married. He’s never had a wife. He has not yet been a part of a relationship. He doesn’t appear to be in a relationship at the moment. Tom is a charming individual with a positive outlook on life. He is also a talented artist with a positive outlook who always spreads inspiration and positivity through his films and photographs. Because of his popularity and attractiveness, all the girls want to date him.

Her private life has always been a big mystery to him. He is not involved in the love life, even though he can understand it. He has maintained his reputation in public as a prominent person. He is currently solely paying attention to her work life. Tom enjoys spending time with her family and friends just as much. He has never participated in rumors or controversies because he has the brilliant concept of maintaining the most excellent anonymity from the public and media.

Tom Felton’s First Open Relationship with Melissa Tamschick

Tom Felton, then seventeen, heard his first dating rumors in 2004. Melissa Tamschick, a singer, was the subject of the initial dating rumors. He played Draco Malfoy in the time’s third season of the Harry Potter series.

At the time, some photographers photographed the reported pair in the airport. Sadly, not much is known about this connection. Tom seemed to have handled his relationship quite well, or perhaps he only wanted to keep it a rumor. The future?

The relationship lasted for more than three years without being made public. For simply a rumor, the romance has been going on for a while. However, Tom, that was very fluid. The number of hearts you crushed that day due to your relationship news is unknown to you. The day must be depressing for Draco Malfoy’s admirers.

Tom Felton and Phoebe Tonkin Was Dating in 2007

The second person said to be Tom Felton’s girlfriend is Phoebe Tonkin. The Originals, The Vampire Diaries, and H20: Just Add Water all featured Australian actress Phoebe Tonkin.

From 2006 through 2008, Tom and Phoebe were said to be dating. Do you people understand it? There may have been some overlap in this case. Tom Felton’s most incredible year may have been 2007. What a year for Tom Felton—according to this timeline—he had two girls at the same time.

Tom allegedly broke up with Melissa in 2007; according to some stories, he began seeing Tonkin in 2006. Which is accurate? Is it possible to rely on the integrity of both sources? Since there were no trustworthy sources, no one was aware.

Tom personally kept his previous relationship with Melissa private. Therefore, it has become another example of how his connection with Melissa can just be a rumor. Perhaps we can infer that Tom Felton’s “evil guy” side has manifested. It’s possible that he dated both women concurrently.

If a lovely boy like Tom Felton did it, it wouldn’t be against the law. Just make sure nobody finds out about the connection. Maybe keep it private. You were a Slytherin, Tom, with your clever and crafty moves.

First (public) Girlfriend of Tom Felton

Eventually, Tom Felton made his romance public with a stuntwoman, Olivia Jade Gordon. They began dating a few months after he severed his relationship with Phoebe Tonkin. Few months left before moving on? Then look for another attractive girlfriend? Tom, show me how to do it.


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Jade For herself, Olivia Gordon is most well-known for the settings of the Avengers and Edge of Tomorrow films. However, he played a minor part for Astoria Greengrass, Draco Malfoy’s wife, in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 2. Perhaps some of you didn’t notice. Quite intriguing, huh?

Some of you might not be aware that Tom Felton’s real-life girlfriend played the part of Draco Malfoy’s wife. Some people could find this romantic reality to be enjoyable. In Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, they first encounter one another. Consequently, they both began dating in 2008. Perhaps the infamous young wizard had a lot of appeal at the time.

Tom looked to be looking for a fresh experience with a public connection after four years of a private one. He had a different dating experience with Olivia than with his previous two partners. Tom Felton seemed to be quite smitten with his girlfriend, Olivia. He even mentioned her in a few interviews and shared some images of her online.

Tom claimed his girlfriend Olivia is his greatest friend in an Express interview from 2015. It is uncommon to find someone who gets you; you don’t need to sugarcoat anything, and most talks can be had just by exchanging glances. Tom, we fully comprehend that you are in LOVE.

Tom Felton appeared to be completely smitten with this woman at the moment. Sadly, Tom and Olivia Gordon’s separation after eight years of dating made headlines in 2016. Olivia Gordon later revealed that she had wed another man following her relationship with Tom Felton. I hope Tom can find another woman who can rekindle his affection for him.

Being Rumored to Have a Relationship with His Co-star, Emma Watson

One rumor stands out among all the women claimed to be Tom Felton’s ex-girlfriends, and perhaps some of you are already aware of it. Emma Watson, who played his co-star in Harry Potter, was indeed there.

Wow, picture a union between Griffindor and Slytherin. If this occurs, you guys, as Potterheads, might be living the best fanfiction existence. His girlfriend initially changed into his ideal wife. He now knows that his fictional arch-enemy is dating someone.

How oddly coincidental. After this myth began, the enemy-to-lovers fanfic subgenre must be pretty well-liked. It appears like Harry Potter cast a good omen for Tom to attract his co-stars as his ladies.

Is Tom Felton Married
Is Tom Felton Married

But I fear I have to end your illusions because Emma Watson immediately dispelled the notion. They are just guys who are “excellent pals.” Settle down. While filming Harry Potter, Emma admitted to having a crush on Tom Felton in an interview in 2011.

Yes, Emma; you and I were simply close friends. The most incredible thing about this assertion is that Tom Felton was aware of it. He then chuckled about it. He even admitted to everyone that he thought of her as his younger sister. Come on, buddy, Emma Watson was crushing on you! You decide to chuckle about it, though.

Another storyline twist is that Tom admitted in an interview with Seventeen in 2016 that he was unaware of Emma’s affection on him. Okay, this is where things start to become murky. Tom, I believe your supporters are entitled to the facts. What transpired between you two, then? Despite this, they are still the best of friends.

When Emma Watson shared a picture of them on social media, the story first started. According to the photo’s description, she praised Tom for his part in the Origin series. Another article that went viral on the internet featured Tom and Emma strumming their guitars while still in their jammies. So you two did not enjoy your “night” together, right? Maybe it was just a casual sleepover, though.

They shared content on each other’s social media accounts in addition to hanging out and skateboarding together. Tom acknowledged in an interview that he valued their time together. Tom, however, can only respond, “As far as the romantic aspect of it, I think that’s a Slytherin/Gryffindor thing rather than a Tom and Emma thing,” when asked whether the two of them would end up dating.

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