Why Does Instagram Dms No Longer Function? Here’s a Fix for It!

How can I fix the Instagram DM bug? Instagram is currently the most widely used social networking platform on the planet. Its ability to send and receive direct messages is one of its useful characteristics. Many users have been perplexed as to why Instagram DM stopped functioning for them, though!

Imagine that one day you awaken and discover that you are unable to message your friends on Instagram or invite others to your profile. You might decide to stop sending messages completely in this situation! Although Instagram frequently releases updates to address bugs like Instagram DMs not working, you don’t have to abandon your marketing objectives while you wait for an update!

Here, we’ll give you a detailed explanation of the potential causes of your Instagram messages not appearing and how to resolve them. As we continue, we’ll also cover the top Instagram direct message tools, like DMpro, that can assist you in avoiding problems like this. Ultimately, prevention is preferable to treatment!

So let’s get started, shall we?

Why Are Instagram DMs Not Working

Your Instagram messages may not load or display for a variety of reasons. Let’s investigate the error and its causes right away!

The Instagram DM bug can take many different forms. Here are a few of its typical examples:

  • Instagram messages not sending
  • New Instagram direct messages not showing up
  • Instagram direct messages disappear
  • Instagram can’t create threads
  • An Instagram direct message cannot be deleted
  • Instagram message request glitch
  • Messages won’t open, and they seem to load forever
  • Instagram DM notifications won’t go away
  • Instagram messages not loading
  • Users can’t see replies to their messages
  • Instagram says you have a message, but you don’t
  • Users can’t start a new message
  • Instagram message stuck on sending
  • No notification for new messages is sent
  • Instagram inbox not working
  • Instagram emoji reactions for direct messages not working

Now, let’s see where these problems can stem from.

#1 You’re Disconnected

Many people who complain about Instagram not working today have issues with their Internet connections but are unaware of it. You will undoubtedly have several problems if your connection is poor or you are disconnected. For instance, you might discover that the photographs in your Instagram feed are not loading.

Try to open Instagram feed posts and stories to check if the issue with your Instagram direct message not working is with your Internet connection. You can be certain you know the cause if they don’t load and refresh.

#2 The IG Application Is Not Updated

Instagram tries to fix its bugs with each new update, as was already mentioned. You should regularly update your applications for several reasons, though. The failure to update an app might occasionally result in issues.

In this scenario, when you wake up one day, your Instagram DMs won’t be functioning, or worse, all of your Instagram messages have vanished!

#3 Your Full Cache Is Why Instagram DM Stopped Working

Some of your data has been saved in your Instagram cache to help you find things faster and load images and videos more quickly. However, a full cache can work against you by slowing down your device.

A full cache can cause issues with your posts not loading or with Instagram direct messages not working.

#4 You Might Have Exceeded Instagram Limits

Sometimes, there are no issues with the app or your device! You simply disregarded Instagram’s DM limitations, and now Instagram is punishing you. Because Instagram has taken steps to block you, you may experience the DM seeing a bug or many other problems.

#5 Instagram Servers Are Down

If you haven’t done anything wrong or said anything bad, the servers could be to blame. Of course, Instagram, with a user base of over 1 billion, is a wildly successful and effective platform that is not going to decline soon or frequently.

It does, however, occur when Instagram servers are malfunctioning. You can have various issues in addition to Instagram general messages not showing if the servers are down.

#6 The Sender Has Unsent The DMs

Most likely, even though you suspect otherwise, your Instagram DMs are functioning well. Because you are unable to view a message for which you had received a notification, you may wonder “Why are messenger and Instagram not working for me?” However, the truth is that both parties’ IG messages may have been erased by the sender.

You might get a notification in this situation, but when you try to view the message, you’ll find that it’s been deleted. Therefore, there is no bug causing the Instagram messages to not display here, and you haven’t done anything wrong either.

Let’s move on to the answers now!

How to Fix Instagram DM Glitch

The Instagram DM malfunction is one of the most prevalent issues users have when using Instagram. There are a variety of causes for this and ways to resolve the Instagram chat bug.

You could occasionally discover that you can’t send, receive, or access your messages. But before taking any action, we looked into a few likely causes. It’s time to think about all the potential fixes for Instagram DMs not working now.

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#1 Check Your Internet Connection

Nobody disputes the existence of bugs and problems on Instagram. There are occasions when the platform is innocent, though. As previously said, when you have a bad Internet connection, the entire software stops functioning and Instagram messages fail to load.

So before you blame Instagram, you’d better make sure you’re connected. Follow these steps to do that:

  • On your phone, swipe down until the settings menu appears.
  • Now, check whether your WiFi or Mobile data is on.
  • If it’s not connected, turn it on.

Check the speed, though, if you’re already connected and unsure of why your Instagram messages haven’t yet appeared. You can check the speed using various websites, such as Fast.com or Speedcheck.org, to see if Instagram DMs aren’t functioning.

#2 Check if you are blocked

Chats on Instagram won’t load? The person you’re trying to reach has blocked your messages, which is one of the factors that contribute to Instagram DM glitches.

When someone on Instagram blocks you, you cannot message them again. Additionally, every communication you had will vanish. Therefore, if you see that all of your Instagram chats with a certain user have vanished, see if they have blocked you.

To find out whether you can access their posts or not, search for their username on Instagram. If you are blocked and unable to view the posts or followers, there is no issue with the application. Additionally, there is no way to fix it.

Instagram DMs Blacked Out
Instagram DMs Blacked Out

#3 Check if the User Deactivated His Account

You may be contacting a deleted Instagram user, which presents another issue that you are unable to resolve. By using an Instagrammer’s user ID, you can see each other’s messages even if you or your friend deactivates your Instagram account. In this instance, you can read the entire chat, send messages, and access anything, but you are unable to determine whether anyone has read your messages.

As a result, you can search for someone’s username to see if they are still active on Instagram if you notice that you are not receiving any messages from them. In actuality, the error message “user not found” appears when an account is disabled when you search for the username.

#4 Update Your Instagram App

As I’ve already mentioned, utilising an outdated version of Instagram might occasionally result in an Instagram DM issue. It’s important to make sure you are using the most recent version of Instagram if you experience this issue.

Simply open the app store on your iPhone or Google Play on your Android device to see if a new version of the programme is available to install and solve the Instagram messages that are not showing issues.

#5 Undo The Update

I find this to be rather surprising. especially in light of what you just read in the paragraph before. Well, this has occurred frequently. You should be aware that Instagram updates can occasionally go wrong! It indicates that after asking users to update to a new version, you see issues like “Instagram DMs not loading” after doing so.

If you want to avoid the Instagram message bug, you need to revert one version.

#6 Report The Problem To Instagram

You should notify Instagram of the issue if you have updated Instagram yet still experience Instagram DM bugs. Note that every detail counts when reporting a problem to Instagram. Try sending a DM on Instagram’s website, for instance, to see if the chat feature is still having issues. Include crucial details like these while reporting this issue.

#7 Clear Instagram cache

Try to clean your Instagram cache if you notice that your direct messages are not functioning. You can try sending a DM first using another device or the Instagram website, for example. The Instagram DM problems were kept on your cache if your DMs worked correctly on other devices but not on your phone. Follow these instructions on your device to remove the Instagram cache:

1. Clear Instagram Cache on iPhone

  1. Go to your iPhone settings,
  2. Then, tap ‘General’ and then ‘iPhone storage,’
  3. Next, tap on the Instagram logo,
  4. Finally, hit the ‘offload app’ button. You can also delete Instagram and reinstall it.

2. Clear Instagram Cache on Android Devices

  1. Go to settings and open the apps tab,
  2. Next, choose Instagram,
  3. And, tap the ‘clear cache button.

#8 Uninstall and Reinstall The App

Reinstalling the Instagram app on your smartphone is another option to resolve the “Instagram messages not working” bug. Although it seems too straightforward to function, it frequently does.

#9 Check for Instagram Daily Limits & Use VPN

If you use Instagram, you should be aware that there are restrictions on who you can follow, unfollow, and direct messages. You should familiarise yourself with the daily Instagram DM limit and make an effort to adhere to it.

You can only send so many Instagram messages per day, though! Unexpectedly, the maximum number of DMs that users can send varies. It depends on when you started using Instagram. You can send between 20 and 50 DMs every day if you’re new to Instagram. If your account is authenticated, however, you are permitted to send between 100 and 150 DMs daily.

If you’ve been exceeding Instagram’s daily activity limits, scale back your activities and consider using a VPN. Shut down Instagram fully before logging in with a fresh IP. The likelihood of the Instagram chat bug being fixed is very high.

Be aware that this is only a temporary solution. You should follow Instagram’s terms of service if you want to fix it permanently.

#10 Check The Instagram Server Status

Instagram, along with WhatsApp and Facebook, all had server issues not too long ago (Source). Currently, there is nothing you can do if an error happens on the Instagram platform’s back end and you have to wait for it to be rectified.

You can check DownDetector to see if Instagram’s servers are at fault for the failure of direct messages. In this approach, you may determine unequivocally whether the issue is widespread and server-related.

#11 Make Sure You Follow The Recipients

Instagram users can choose whether or not they want to receive direct messages from those who aren’t already following them. Please allow me to elaborate.

Requested messages from users you don’t follow appear in blue at the top of your Instagram DM screen. You will see the following message when you open that:

#12 Check For Instagram Action Block

Instagram will restrict your account when you exceed daily limitations or when you break community guidelines. When that happens, you’ll have to wait until Instagram lifts the ban before you can use the service again.

Direct message (DM) spamming is a common cause of Instagram’s action block feature. People who keep receiving the same message on Instagram could consider reporting it as spam. But you also don’t want to miss out on potential sales through Instagram direct messages. If you’ve been flagged as spam on Instagram, you should probably refrain from posting in that vein going forward and instead start fresh with DMpro.

Prevent Instagram DMs from Not Working

DMpro is the only service available that is tailored to Instagram DMs and built to comply with the platform’s regulations without risking your account. By using this service, you can prevent any future issues.

A significant benefit of using DMpro is that it comes with a free plan. Put another way, you gain access to all the essential tools for Instagram marketing in one convenient dashboard, and at no cost.

Let’s check out what it offers now.

Mass DM Users

  1. First of all, Sign up for free on DMPro and add your account to it.
  2. After that, on your dashboard, click ‘Manage.’
  3. 3. Type the DM and target users.

To keep your Instagram account secure, DMPro is set to send no more than 100 direct messages each day, well below the platform’s daily limit. In addition, the system’s ability to sound human helps you avoid being reported. You can see one DM becoming sidetracked differently in this example. Take a look at what follows.

Hello {@Username},

{How’s it going? | Greetings}. I am messaging you to say {thanks | cheers | appreciate } you for following.

DM 1:

Hi Sam,

How’s it going? I am messaging you to say thanks for your following.


Hi Justine,

Greetings. I am messaging you to say cheers for your following.


Hi, Peacocks,

Greetings. I am messaging you to say I appreciate your following.

These different diversions in sending DMs will not raise Instagram suspicions and keep your account safe.

Send Auto Replies to Instagram DMs

The automated replies you send to your followers are completely customizable. By doing so, you can save time by directing those who text you to your website. You could also politely request that they wait for you to respond.

Connect Your Instagram Direct to Email

A working Email account will allow you to send and receive electronic mail. Now, you get to access Instagram messages without worrying about the seen receipt or the DM bug.

Link to Your Website Without the Risk of Spamming Users

It’s possible that you’d like to direct your Instagram followers to your website so they can read your blog or buy your wares, but you’re hesitant to send them direct messages. But then, how can you encourage your followers to your other social media platforms and websites while you can only add one link to your bio?!

Now you may make a landing page with as many links as you wish thanks to DMpro’s link-in-bio feature. Putting that link in your Instagram bio will increase traffic to your blog and entice people to check out your other social media profiles. This way, you can share URLs off of Instagram Direct Message without worrying about your account getting shut down.

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