Top 10 Amazing Infp Anime Characters!

Multiple people have contacted me over the past two months requesting that I write an article regarding INFP characters in anime. As far as I can tell, INFPs have a soft spot in their hearts for anime characters.

Characters in anime frequently stand up for what they think is right, act with integrity, and try to make the world a better place. Anime also has a lot of artistic value, with its vivid colours and striking visuals conveying the emotional worlds of the characters. If you’re an INFP, stick around because I’m going to talk about eleven fictional characters you probably have a lot in common with. A few of these people represent the best of what INFPs can be, while others exhibit some of the worst.

10 Infp Anime Characters

#1 – Alphonse Eric from Fullmetal Alchemist

“I’m sick of watching people die and I can’t just sit back and take it anymore. I won’t let anyone else get killed, not when I can protect them.” – Alphonse Eric

Al is a good guy who wants to help everyone he meets. His brother Edward often uses him as a voice of reason because of his sibling’s innate kindness and moral compass. Many INFPs will find themselves relating to Al’s honesty and caring for others. When someone is in pain, Al never wants to abandon them. He even saves the lives of stray cats by hiding them in the lining of his armour. How INFP-like can you get?

#2 – Gaara from Naruto

“Love only for yourself, fight only for yourself, for you win only for yourself.” – Gaara

As a counterpoint to Alphonse’s amiable INFP character, let’s look at a more “mixed bag” INFP. Because of his difficult upbringing, Gaara possesses qualities of both health and illness. Gaara’s childhood warmth and openness gave way to an acceptance of his darker side as he matured. Because of this, he could no longer be moved by the pleading of others and instead felt compelled to kill them in order to validate his own existence.
Gaara eventually converted back to the good side and worked toward bringing the Shinobi community together as one. While INFPs may not identify with Gaara’s worst tendencies, they can identify with his best qualities of idealism, compassion, and curiosity. Because of the hardships he endured as a child, he will likely be viewed as a sympathetic villain. In-depth commentary on Gaara’s personality can be found on the Practical Typing site.

#3 – Kaneki Ken from Tokyo Ghoul

“If you want to write a story with me in the lead role, it would certainly be a tragedy.” – Kaneki Ken

Like any good INFP, Ken Kaneki struggles against the obstacles to be who he really is. The prospect of losing his identity and violating his moral code is his greatest worry. Though all personality types can identify with this on some level, INFPs experience it more deeply. Genuineness and individuality are two things that INFPs value above all else.

They’re determined not to let anyone or anything alter who they are at their heart. Ken Kaneki spends the majority of Tokyo Ghoul dealing with this inner conflict. He’s timid, kind, and selfless to a fault, willing to put himself in mortal danger to shield his loved ones. His reflective, introspective character is the embodiment of the mysterious, ethically conscious INFP.

#4 – Akane Tsunemori from Psycho-Pass

“It’s not the final judgment of “good” and “evil” that’s important. What matters is that you come to that decision yourself. That you agonize over it and eventually accept it.” – Akane Tsunemori

Akane is motivated by her own sense of fairness and morals, which makes her insightful and idealistic. She, like many INFPs, is reserved yet can suddenly explode into a rage over something she finds morally abhorrent. Akane spends her time as a detective contemplating her own motivations and the meaning of her actions. INFPs will identify with her deep contemplation and philosophical bent.

#5 – Shinji Ikari from Evangelion

“I still don’t know where to find happiness. But I’ll continue to think about whether it’s good to be here…whether it was good to have been born. But in the end, it’s just realizing the obvious over and over again. Because I am myself.” – Shinji Ikari

Shinji Ikari, who is timid, altruistic, and sad, has the enormous responsibility of safeguarding humanity. As is typical of INFPs under stress, he has begun to isolate himself out of concern for hurting the people who care about him. In the same way that many INFPs find solace in music, he uses it as a source of group support while dealing with painful emotions. Despite everything he’s been through, he keeps looking for his reason for being and trying to figure out where he should go from there.

Infp Anime Characters
Infp Anime Characters

#6 – Tamaki Amajiki from My Hero Academia

“What should I do? The words…they won’t come out! No matter how hard I try to think of them (classmates) as potatoes…everything except their heads just keeps its human form…and besides their heads I can only see them as humans!” – Tamaki Amajiki

There aren’t many INFP “superheroes” in the movies. People with strong Sensing-Perceiving abilities are generally entrusted with this responsibility. Tamaki Amajiki, on the other hand, is a model INFP superhero. He doesn’t seek opportunities to show off his skills to others. Instead, he follows his heart and uses his skills humbly, without seeking attention. Like him because of his genuineness, kindness, and calm, idealistic demeanour.

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#7 – Shizuku Tsukishima from Whisper of the Heart

“There’s always a voice inside me that says, ‘Things won’t go that smoothly.’” – Shizuku Tsukishima

Shizuku Tsukishima is a dreamer who follows her heart and her creativity. She, like many other INFP anime characters, is an avid reader who can often be seen taking out entire shelves of fantasy novels from the library. The strong interior life and restless imagination she possesses will resonate with many INFPs. Some readers may identify with her as they think back on their own experiences as teenagers.

#8 – Mitsuha Miyamizu from Your Name

“There’s no way we could meet. But one thing is certain. If we see each other, we’ll know. That you were the one who was inside me. That I was the one who was inside you.” – Mitsuha Miyamizu

Many INFPs would identify with Mitsuha’s desire to see the world beyond her small community. Mitsuha would rather go out and see the world than remain in her comfortable routine. She has a strong desire to broaden her horizons and see other cultures. After much searching, she finds out that she can make a soul swap with another person, fulfilling her long-held desire. The INFP personality type can easily identify with Miyamizu because of her nurturing, empathetic, and idealistic traits.

#9 – Euphemia Li Britannia from Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

Suzaku Kururugi. The truth is you and I… ah that is… you see… I hereby command you to love me. And in return, I will love you forever. Suzaku, I love your stubbornness, your kindness, and your strength. I love your sad eyes, your clumsiness, and the way you have trouble with cats. I love everything about you. So please, don’t hate yourself!” – Euphemia Li Britannia

Euphemia exemplifies the INFP personality type by being enthusiastic and far-sighted. In contrast to the rest of her family, she cares about the “Elevens” and thinks everyone should be treated fairly. She is able to solve the world’s most perplexing problems because she is so in tune with her intuition. Her moral compass and unwavering character are what have led to her being ranked as the most benevolent anime character of all time.

#10 – Levy McGarden from Fairy Tail

“Behind every beautiful thing there’s some kind of pain.” – Levy McGarden

Levy McGarden is an upbeat and generous person who makes choices based on her core beliefs. She, like many other INFPs, has a passion for reading and finds common ground with others via their love of storytelling. Levy’s ability to find the good in anyone gives her a special edge; she even forgives Gajeel Redfox, who tortured her earlier in the series. She doesn’t make snap judgments based on outward conduct or appearance but rather takes a deeper look.

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