How Old Is Tom Cruise? Where Did He Grow Up?

How Old Is Tom Cruise: On the birthday of July 3, 1962, Cruise is 59 years old. The film Risky Business was the breakthrough role for the actor, who was then 21.

Where Did Tom Cruise Grow Up?

The fourth Thomas Cruise Mapother was born on July 3, 1962, in Syracuse, New York. His namesake and father worked as electrical engineers, while his mother taught students with special needs. Tom is the middle of three sisters. Tom’s first cousin, the actor William Mapother, followed in his footsteps and has acted in several films.

Tom Cruise’s early life was marked by frequent relocation as his father pursued military careers around the country and, for a time, Canada. Tom would later say his father was a cruel man who regularly beat him and his brothers. In the course of 14 years, he enrolled in a total of 15 different educational institutions.

Having an acting career wasn’t always Tom’s goal. While he did enroll in theatrical courses, he was more of a sports fanatic in middle school. After a knee injury prevented him from continuing his wrestling career in high school, he switched to acting. Cruise put a lot of time and effort into the theatre club, and soon he was playing the lead in their performance of Guys and Dolls.

Tom was unconvinced by the praise for his acting abilities. He attended Cincinnati’s St. Francis Seminary for a while with the intention of studying to become a Franciscan priest. Since he had a drinking problem, he was kicked out of the seminary. Tom received his diploma from Glen Ridge High School, New Jersey, in 1980.

When Did Tom Cruise Start His Career?

In his early attempts to pursue an acting career after graduating high school, Cruise relocated to New York City. He promptly uprooted his life and headed out to Hollywood in search of a role on the small screen. Tom made his cinematic debut in 1981’s “Endless Love,” albeit in a minor role. A year later, his performance in “Taps” also garnered him critical acclaim.

Because of his performance in that part, Tom was soon signed by the prestigious CAA talent agency. Paula Wagner, a CAA representative, lobbied CAA managing partner Michael Ovitz on Tom’s behalf. In addition to becoming a client of CAA for the rest of his life, Tom and Paula would go on to create their own production company in the early 1990s.

What Is Tom Cruise’s Net Worth, Salary, And Career Earnings?

Net Worth: $600 Million
Salary: $50 Million Per Year
Date of Birth: Jul 3, 1962 (60 years old)
Gender: Male
Height: 5 ft 7 in (1.71 m)
Profession: Actor, Film Producer, Screenwriter, Television Director
Nationality: United States of America

An estimated $600 million dollars are in Tom Cruise’s possession. Cruise is a famous American actor and producer. Tom Cruise is widely regarded as one of the biggest stars in Hollywood at present, after having acted in dozens of huge blockbuster movies over the past three decades. One of the highest-paid and wealthiest celebrities in the world is him.

As of this writing, $9.5 billion dollars have been made from Tom Cruise films around the world. But it’s interesting to note that none of Tom’s movies made more than a billion dollars during his whole career. His career best in terms of worldwide box office receipts was $800 million for “Mission: Impossible – Fallout” in 2018, released in 2018. After the weekend of June 25/26, 2022, “Top Gun: Maverick” helped Tom cross the $1 billion threshold.

How Much Does Tom Cruise Make From Top Gun?

Just now, we were discussing how Tom Cruise made $2 million for his role in “Top Gun” back in 1986. That sum is equivalent to about $5.4 million in today’s dollars, after inflation. Surprisingly, Top Gun only cost $15 million to produce, with $2 million accounting for just 13% of that total.

Top Gun producers Jerry Bruckheimer and Don Simpson were horrified by the box office failure of “Legend,” which starred Tom Cruise, during production. Top Gun, thankfully, was a huge success, earning $360 million worldwide and becoming 1986’s highest-grossing film. Let’s jump ahead in time three decades, to the years 2018-2019.

David Ellison, the son of Larry Ellison and the creator of Skydance, was instrumental in getting the ball rolling on a Top Gun sequel after years of speculation and anticipation from fans. David Ellison, founder of Skydance and a pilot since childhood, intended to develop a Top Gun sequel even before he started the company.

When the conditions were right, Skydance put up $25 million of the film’s total $200 million budget. The release of “Top Gun: Maverick” was pushed back from the middle of 2020 to the beginning of 2022 because of the COVID outbreak. Tom is not only starring in but also mostly producing this sequel. It was reported that he was paid $13 million just to star in Top Gun: Maverick.

In addition, as producer, Tom is owed ten to twenty percent of the film’s initial dollar of income. No other Hollywood actor or actress could get such a contract. After movie theatres, also known as exhibitors, take 40% of receipts, the remaining 60% is distributed to the filmmakers before any additional marketing, production, or distribution costs are deducted.

Tom will make roughly $60 million if Top Gun: Maverick earns $1 billion at the box office because he owns 10% of the first dollar gross. With a 20% stake, he stands to earn about $120 million. Tom could potentially earn $200 million, or 100 times his initial Top Gun contract if he secures a 20% stake in the film and future streaming sales.

How Did Tom Cruise Become Successful?

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise

Tom’s performance in the 1983 comedy/drama “Risky Business” catapulted him to fame. In addition to spawning several cultural touchstones, Risky Business made $64 million on a budget of only $6 million. This film established Cruise as a rising star and garnered him his first Golden Globe nomination.

With the massive success of “Top Gun” in 1986, Tom Cruise became one of the most renowned performers in the world. Top Gun, which earned over $360 million worldwide, was the year’s highest-earning film. He co-starred with Paul Newman that same year in “The Color of Money.”

Both “Cocktail” and “Rainman” were hugely successful when they were released in 1988. There were four Oscars for Rain Man. One year later, with “Born on the Fourth of July,” Cruise received his first Oscar nomination. After “Days of Thunder” in 1990, “Far and Away” in 1992, “A Few Good Men” in 1993, “The Firm” in 1994, and “Interview with the Vampire” in 1995 were all directed by him. His work in A Few Good Men earned him a Golden Globe nomination.

The 1996 movie “Mission: Impossible,” in which Tom Cruise starred and also served as producer, made $457 million worldwide and spawned several profitable sequels. Tom starred in “Jerry Maguire,” another blockbuster hit from the same year that made $275 million on a budget of under $50 million and got him an Oscar nomination for Best Actor. Co-star Cuba Gooding, Jr., who won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor, was nominated for the award.

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