How is Rhaenyra Targaryen Related to Daenerys? How Did They Become Close?

The Targaryens want to keep their all-powerful dynasty; hence the core plot of House of the Dragon is the line of succession to the Iron Throne. After Viserys is crowned king at the start of the series, the succession issue rapidly comes up after his wife and the boy heir he had had pass away just hours apart.

As a result, fans are interested in the Targaryen family tree, and many are curious about the relationships between the characters in the prequel series and their Game of Thrones forebears. One of the main characters in House of the Dragon is Rhaenyra Targaryen, but how precisely is she related to Daenerys?

The first episode of House of the Dragon opens with an introduction to Rhaenyra Targaryen. She is immediately portrayed as a significant character because she is King Viserys I’s daughter. Still, after the king’s chance to have a male heir is stolen, Rhaenyra gains even more significance because she is made heir to the Iron Throne.

It is hardly surprising that many people are working behind the scenes to ensure that the Seven Kingdoms have a male successor, given the historical revelation that would make Rhaenyra the first sovereign queen in Westeros history.

When a male heir is born after Viserys marries Alicent Hightower, it causes yet another succession conflict. It ultimately leads to the Dance of the Dragons, an all-out civil war in which Rhaenyra and her half-brother Aegon each claim the Iron Throne as their own.

How Was The Early Life of Rhaenyra Targaryen?

The only surviving child of King Viserys I Targaryen and his first wife, Lady Gemma of House Arryn, who later passed away in childbirth, was their firstborn daughter, Rhaenyra. She was named as her father’s successor when she was eight years old, but her claim was contested by her half-brother Aegon II Targaryen, who was also the chief organizer of the plot to usurp Rhaenyra’s claims. Aegon was King Viserys’s son from his second marriage to Lady Alicent of House Hightower. These incidents sparked the Dance of Dragons, also known as the Targaryen Civil War.

How Is Rhaenyra Targaryen Related To Daenerys
How Is Rhaenyra Targaryen Related To Daenerys

The three-headed red dragon of standard Targaryen heraldry, quartered with the moon-and-falcon emblem of House Arryn (for her mother Gemma Arryn) and the silver seahorse on sea green of House Velaryon, served as Rhaenyra’s seal (for her first husband Laenor Velaryon, as well as for the Velaryons in general, who were among her significant supporters). Her faction utilized her insignia as their battle flag during the Dance.

How She Took Her First Dragon Ride At The Age of Seven?

Have you forgotten those recognizable overhead views of Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) riding a dragon over cities? Do not fret. As viewers fly with Rhaenyra over King’s Landing in the opening seconds of “House of the Dragon,” Targaryen fans are rewarded (and this time, no one is running away in fear from Dragonfire). Rhaenyra flies Syrax, a dragon known as the “Golden Beast” for having eye-catching gold scales. Compared to Caraxes the Blood Wyrm, the dragon owned by Prince Daemon (Matt Smith), Syrax is less aggressive and battle-weary. Styrax is named after a Valyrian goddess. Despite this, Styrax is a formidable opponent.

Rhaenyra takes to the sky on Styrax for the first time at the young age of seven. In contrast to other well-known Targaryen dragons like Balerion the Black Dread and Vhagar, Syrax only has Rhaenyra as her rider for the entirety of her existence. According to “Fire and Blood,” Prince Joffrey, the son of Rhaenyra, tried to fly Syrax, but the dragon rejected him and slung him off her back to death.

Rhaenyra and Syrax are featured in the opening of “House of the Dragon,” highlighting a bond akin to that of Daenerys and Drogon. However, in Westeros, there aren’t many happy endings. In “Fire and Blood,” Syrax’s tragic fate is revealed. A rioting mob that storms the Dragonpit in defiance of the Targaryens kills him.

Did She’s The First Woman To Sit On The Iron Throne?

Rhaenyra Targaryen is the first woman in Westeros’s long and violent history to take her rightful place atop the Iron Throne. Her adversary, Aegon II, and the Masters of the Citadel, who accuse her of usurping the throne, cast doubt on her legitimacy as king and attempt to tarnish her reign. Rhaenyra, however, does end up sitting on the throne after her faction, known as the Blacks, defeats Aegon II and takes King’s Landing. This is chronicled in the book “Fire and Blood.”

Rhaenyra earned the title “The Half-Year Queen” due to her reign over King’s Landing, which lasted six months. In the books, she is described as being the only woman to ever sit on the throne; however, in the HBO series “Game of Thrones,” Cersei Lannister, played by Lena Headey, follows in Rhaenyra’s footsteps and ascends to the position of Queen of Westeros after the deaths of her children in the season 6 finale, “The Winds of Winter.”

Rhaenyra is still considered a strong character in the Targaryen dynasty and an influential ancestor of Daenerys in the books, although her time as the queen has been questioned. The Mother of Dragons is the second sovereign queen in her line after Rhaenyra, as she rules the city of Meereen while also laying claim to the Iron Throne of Westeros. Rhaenyra was the first queen in her family to hold this position.

Who Is The Princess Daenerys Targaryen?

Princess Daenerys Targaryen, sometimes referred to as Daenerys Stormborn and Dany, is one of the last confirmed members of the House Targaryen. Along with her older brother Viserys, she is also one of the essential point-of-view characters in A Song of Ice and Fire. Emilia Clarke is the actress who portrays Daenerys Targaryen in the adaptation of Game of Thrones for television.

What Was Her Presence?

Daenerys is a young lady who is just entering her teenage years. She possesses the silver-blonde hair and purple eyes that have always been associated with the Targaryen family name, and despite her petite stature, she exudes an otherworldly beauty. It has been suggested that Dany has a striking similarity in appearance to Naerys Targaryen. By the time of A Dance with Dragons, word of Daenerys’s breathtaking beauty has already traveled to many different parts of the world.

How Was Her Character?

In her early years, Dany was a shy, quiet girl who lacked confidence and self-esteem. She had only ever known exile, dependence, and a state of perpetual terror for her brother Viserys. He was the only family she knew of, but he was frequently a ruthless protector prone to violent outbursts.

It took her some time to adjust to life in a Dothraki khalasar after she married Khal Drogo, but it allowed her to start gaining independence from her controlling brother. She emerged from the experience as a strong, self-assured, and brave woman. Her experiences have left her with uncommon compassion for a would-be conqueror, but she hasn’t forgotten what it was like to be a victimized child. She is committed to bringing justice through her rule and has made abolishing slavery a top priority. She has a solid moral compass but can also be brutal when dealing with adversaries.

Daenerys appears to have inherited a natural knack for leadership as her birthright; it was widely remarked that the Targaryen monarchs tended to be either madmen or superb rulers. She is frequently likened to her late brother Rhaegar, a charismatic leader renowned for his battle prowess, tenacity, scholarly mind, and a strong sense of justice. Rhaegar was much respected and adored by his supporters. Her relative youth and lack of experience is her main flaw as a leader.

Daenerys believes restoring the Seven Kingdoms is her right and duty as the last of the Targaryens. It continues to be her life’s main objective, although she has grown enough to understand that Viserys was weak, cowardly, and cruel. She has never visited Westeros, though, and occasionally she longs wistfully for the Braavos mansion with the red door, which has come to represent her lost youth.

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