Grecgodx Weight Loss: What Was The Conclusion Of His Weight Loss?

Greek gods, also known as Dmitri Raymondo Antonatos, are popular streamers on Twitch. His videos have been viewed more than 30 million times, and he has one million followers. His content consists of a range of things, including IRL streaming. Since 2011, the British citizen, who is now 28 years old, has been broadcasting video games live on Twitch, and it is speculated that he has a net worth of $1.1 million.

The plump body of the Twitch streamer was something that his followers and fans had become accustomed to seeing since 2011. Before 2018, the streamer never discussed his weight, but in 2018, he decided to live a healthier lifestyle and brought us along on his journey as he shed approximately 70 pounds in a single year.

GreekGodx lost weight by adopting a healthy eating plan and working out according to the recommended protocols. In addition, during his path to a healthier weight, he has adhered to the ketogenic diet as a nutritious eating plan.

Fans and followers were taken aback by Greekgodx’s rapid weight reduction because the Twitch streamer had previously announced his intention to take a break from the platform for an extended period.

When he joined his friend Mizkif for a surprise broadcast, it became evident to everyone that the reason he had been away was that he was on a mission to lose weight. This choice was welcomed with a lot of worry from his fans, who were worried about him and his mental health.

Mickie, his best friend, was so taken aback by the change that he said, “It’s absurd to imagine what you were and where you are now, dude.”

Greekgodx also noted that he still has a lot of loose skin and that it has been a struggle for him to grow muscles. He said that this is something that has been going on for quite some time. He stated, “This is all skin, yet I can fill it with muscle with the ease of clapping my hands.”

How Did Greekgodx Way To Lose Weight?

It has come to light that Greekgodx embarked on a mission to lose weight in 2018, and although the Twitch streamer frequently discusses various topics during his broadcasts, his weight was one subject he rarely addressed.

It is clear that the Twitch streamer has made significant adjustments to his lifestyle since 2018, and the effects can be seen in the trimmer body that he now possesses.

Greekgodx has admitted that he could shed his excess weight by engaging in physical activity and adhering to a ketogenic diet.

The fact that Greekgodx followed a ketogenic diet denotes that he opted for a diet high in protein and low in carbohydrates and substituted the fat in his food with protein.

Simply exchanging carbohydrates for fats is the cornerstone of the ketogenic diet, leading to increased metabolic activity and, consequently, weight reduction.
When following a ketogenic diet, it is normal for the body to enter the metabolic state of ketosis, which stimulates the increased generation of energy and high-fat burning.

It is essential to recall that Greekgodx had previously been diagnosed with diabetes and that he was currently working on mastering the art of sugar level control. Keeping this in mind, he first cut out sugary drinks and beverages containing caffeine from his diet and worked on increasing the amount of water he consumed daily.

However, he did admit that to maintain a healthy sugar level most of the time. He would allow himself a few indulgent sips here and there. In addition, Greekgodx increased the amount of meat (chicken, fish, etc.) and salads he consumed while on his keto diet.

Before beginning to lose weight, Greekgodx led a highly sedentary lifestyle. He would spend hours on his streaming deck, and he would only get up and move around to go to the bathroom or get more food.

As part of his plan to lose weight, he made several lifestyle changes that made him healthier. He began to walk and even sprinted now and then. He developed the pattern of going outside more often and walking around more often, which led to him spending less time indoors. In addition to that, he utilized the treadmill for his workouts consistently.

One of the few videos depicting Greekgodx’s journey to lose weight is a video of him singing “Hakuna Matata” from “The Lion King” on a stream as he runs on a treadmill. The camera ended up on the ground, which revealed his physique without a shirt. However, the fact that he posted this video did not deter him from posting other films.

How Did The Greekgodx Have Weight Loss Surgery?

The Twitch streamer has been questioned more than once if he had any further assistance, such as surgery, in his journey to attain the physical objectives that he has so himself, and his response has always been no.

greekgodx weight loss (1)
greekgodx weight loss (1)

He has never wavered from his stance that he did not have any surgical procedures and instead shed all his excess weight by working hard and eating healthily. He also mentioned that he wasn’t against surgery but favored the more natural approach.

What Is Greekgodx Weight Loss Journey?

The Twitch streamer has been sticking to his workout and eating routines until now. During his effort to lose weight, he has also picked up a handful of pointers, which he shared with his admirers in a video he uploaded to YouTube.

When attempting to shed extra pounds, Greekgodx recommends that individuals use the same steps and stick to the same routines as he has.

To begin, you must be aware of the food you are consuming. The Twitch streamer stressed how important it is to be mindful of what you consume, whether it be food or drink. The quantities of food you eat and the ingredients that go into the food you eat are two crucial aspects that require your careful attention.

Second, he suggested that you should drink water rather than carbonated beverages if you are trying to reduce your weight. He said this for two reasons.

What Is There To Losing Weight?

In addition to this, he emphasized the significance of maintaining a healthy diet. According to him, it is feasible to achieve weight loss without making any changes to your diet so long as you pay attention to the portions you eat and practice eating less over time. According to him, it is essential to strike a balance between the food you consume and how you consume it.

Hfinishted that he consumes substantial quantities rather than several smaller ones, and this strategy has proven successful for him. However, just because it was successful for him does not mean it will be successful for everyone else.


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When Greekgodx started his effort to lose weight, his starting weight was 369.4 pounds. On April 27, 2019, he said on a live stream that “We are finally under 300 pounds, boys,” which was a reference to the fact that he was getting closer to achieving his body target of 250 pounds.

In addition, he congratulated himself for reaching his goal of maintaining a weight of fewer than 300 pounds by writing a post on Twitter.

When he provided the most recent report on his weight, he stated that he weighed 299.2 pounds at that time, which was 49.2 pounds over his target weight.

What Was The Conclusion To The Weight Loss Of The Greekgodx?

When asked for his advice on losing weight, Greekgodx said that the guidance that helped him the most was to remember that “losing weight isn’t easy. It needs determination.” He has made the maxim “never give up” the guiding principle of his life.

The experience of losing weight that was documented on GreekGodx can teach us a lot. He underwent a remarkable change by shedding 70 kilos in only one year, and he has been quite vocal about his plans to help others who struggle with weight loss in the same way that he did by imparting the knowledge he has received so far to those who are in a similar situation.

On one of his Instagram posts, he showed off his altered appearance and talked about how he has not been discouraged by the difficulty of dealing with loose skin due to his previous weight. And he charged those who followed him to emulate his example and to keep going no matter what the road ahead brought them.

Over 5000 individuals are connected to Greekgodx’s Discord server, and he uses it to converse with them about various topics, including food, exercise, and ways to stay motivated. He considers this his contribution toward making the world a better place.

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