The Dead Files 16 Release Date: Where To Watch!

Fans of The Dead Files were taken aback when psychic medium Amy Allan announced her departure from the show during the current season. Cindy Kaza replaced Amy’s post with veteran homicide detective Steve DiSchiavi after Amy indicated that she needed a “personal break.”

It’s unclear whether Amy will return to The Dead Files if it returns for another season, but Cindy Kaza certainly has the skills to take over Amy’s role, whether temporarily or permanently.

Kaza was well-known to Travel Channel fans for her appearances on other paranormal shows such as The Holzer Files, Ghosts of Devil’s Perch, and Michigan Hell House.

The Dead Files 16 Release Date: Where To Watch!

She and DiSchiavi will collaborate on the next seven episodes of this season’s The Dead Files, which will premiere in September. Here’s all we know about Dead Files 16 release date, and more.

The Dead Files 16 Release

The Dead Files will return to Travel Channel on Thursday, September 7, at 10:00 p.m. ET.

On Thursday night, the Travel Channel’s homicide investigative show The Dead Files will premiere a new season. The Butcher is the title of the first episode, in which we meet Donalyn.

Donalyn has always believed herself to be sensitive to the paranormal, but nothing ever worried her until her adult daughter Regan moved home to live with her. Suddenly, she and her family were surrounded by activity that threatened to break the family apart.

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