The British Royal Family Braces for Harry & Meghan Netflix Documentary

Harry & Meghan Netflix Documentary: The first three episodes of a Netflix series that purports to reveal the “whole truth” of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s separation from the royal family will be released on Thursday, and the British monarchy is bracing itself for further bombshells to be thrown over the palace gates.

The couple’s newest attempt to explain why they left the royal life and relocated to Southern California over three years ago is the series “Harry & Meghan,” which has been promoted with two radically edited trailers that allude to racism and a “war against Meghan.” It is anticipated to go further than previous criticisms of the British media and the royal family in several interviews over the last 18 months.

On Thursday, Netflix released the first three one-hour episodes. Three more are scheduled for release on December 15. The documentary features video diaries shot by Meghan and Harry in March 2020, presumably on their phones, as the couple bitterly separated from the royal family and relocated to America.

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In the video, Harry claims, “It is my responsibility to expose the bribery and exploitation in British media.

No one is fully aware of the reality, Harry continues. The whole truth is known to us.

Harry states in the video that it was difficult to watch another woman in his life who he loved to go through this media frenzy since it tainted his memories of his late mother, Princess Diana.”

Harry and Meghan talk about how they first followed the palace’s advice to keep quiet about media attention, even though they believed the treatment of Meghan, who is biracial, to be racist.

Harry asserted that some members of the royal family questioned Meghan’s need for protection since “everything she was being put through, they had been put through as well.”

Harry & Meghan Netflix Documentary-

Harry remarked, “I said, ‘The difference here is the race factor.

The royal family declined to respond, according to a title at the start of the series.

The series debuts at a pivotal time for the monarchy as King Charles III strives to demonstrate that the institution still has a place in society following the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, whose personal popularity during her 70-year reign tempered criticism of the crown.

By meeting with many of the ethnic and religious groups that make up contemporary Britain in the early years of his reign, Charles argued that the House of Windsor could help unify a country that is becoming more and more varied.

It was initially thought that Harry’s 2018 union with mixed American actress and former actress Meghan Markle would help the royal family advance into the twenty-first century and become more representative of a multicultural country. However, amid claims that Meghan was conceited and mistreated her workers, the fairy tale—which started with a star-studded ceremony at Windsor Castle—soon turned sour.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex withdrew from royal responsibilities and relocated to California after alleged racist abuse by British tabloid media. Harry’s criticism of the media was tinged with resentment for how the press treated his mother, Princess Diana, who was away in a car accident in 1997 while being followed by photographers. The couple’s lucrative jobs with Spotify and Netflix have allowed them to finance their new life in America.

Following Harry and Meghan’s appearance on Oprah Winfrey’s American talk program in March 2021, the race became a pressing concern for the monarchy. Before their first child was born, Meghan said a royal family member remarked how dark the kid would be.

Harry’s older brother Prince William, the heir to the throne, defended the royal family by assuring reporters that “We’re very much not a racist family” after the interview.

However, just last week, a Black advocate for victims of domestic abuse said that a senior member of the royal staff questioned her about her ancestry during a banquet at the palace, leading to fresh accusations of racism against Buckingham Palace.

William and his wife Kate’s eagerly anticipated trip to Boston, which the court believed would demonstrate their environmental credentials, was overshadowed by coverage of the problem that dominated British media.

Netflix’s choice to release the first trailer for “Harry & Meghan” in the middle of the trip deflected media attention as well.

The streaming juggernaut promised a “unique and in-depth documentary series” with six episodes, in which Harry and Meghan “reveal the other side of their high-profile love story. On Thursday, the first three episodes will be made available. The second set will follow on December 15.

The program will be closely watched in the U.K., where even the previews drew criticism for using deceptive imagery to support the emotionally charged narrative that alleged racism, unjust media treatment, and misogyny.

In one segment of the video, clips of paparazzi and vintage film of Princess Diana being trailed by the media are mixed. At the same time, Harry speaks over the footage and laments: “The anguish and suffering of women marrying into this institution, this feeding frenzy… I was afraid and wished that history wouldn’t repeat itself.

However, one of the videos used to illustrate his points seemed to have reporters and photographers waiting outside Crawley Magistrates Court when TV personality Katie Price arrived, according to Sky News.

The second trailer also criticizes the palace’s use of the media, which Harry calls a “dirty game.”

Harry remarks, over a picture of the royal family posing on the balcony of Buckingham Palace, “There’s a hierarchy of the family.” You know, there’s leakage, but there’s also story planting.

After that, an image of a photographer sitting on a different balcony capturing Harry and Meghan walking their small son Archie down, is shown. Although the scene appears the photographer was secretly recording a private moment, the image depicts a press photographer with a press pass who was covering the couple’s visit with Desmond Tutu in 2019.

Regardless of what the series reveals, palace officials hope to quell the controversy by portraying William and Kate as forward-thinking young royals who are tackling pressing issues like climate change and early childhood education, as opposed to Harry and Meghan, who detractors view as merely celebrities selling their story to the media.

William and Kate spent three days in Boston, where they presented environmental prizes, spoke with anti-violence activists, and attended a basketball game. The BBC and the Daily Telegraph, one of Britain’s most prestigious newspapers, followed up on this subject in their trip coverage.

According to the Telegraph, “the Prince and Princess were simply getting on with the job while Prince Harry and Meghan continued to cast themselves as victims, heads in hands, ripping their hair out at the unfairness of it all.”

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