Mushoku Tensei Season 3: Release Date Status, Trailer, Plot, Cast & More!

The first part was shown from January to March 2021, and the second part was shown from October to December 2021. Mushoku Tensei has been picked up for a second season, but we’ve already decided to look into the future and tell you everything you need to know about a possible third season.

Mushoku Tensei’s third season hasn’t been set in stone yet. The first season just came out a year ago, and the second season is coming out soon. Right now, we don’t know much about what will happen after the second season. Still, Mushoku Tensei is a very popular show, and based on what we know, it is very likely that there will be a third season. We don’t know when, though.

The rest of this article will tell you everything we know and don’t know about a possible third season of Mushoku Tensei. You’ll find out when it’s coming out if there’s a trailer, what it might be about, who’s in it, and a lot more about this interesting anime series.

Mushoku Tensei Season 3 Release Date

On March 15, 2019, the official website for MF Books said that an anime version of the series was being made, but didn’t say what format it would be in. With the launch of a website and a Twitter account in October 2019, it will be clear that this is a 2020 TV series. It was written and directed by Manabu Okamoto at Studio Bind, and Kazutaka Sugiyama did the character designs.

For the first project, EGG FIRM is also listed as a producer along with Frontier Works. Nobuhiro Osawa, the president, and producer of EGG FIRM, who worked on the adaptations of Sword Art Online and DanMachi, talked to Frontier Works about making this adaptation after reading the first twelve volumes of the series and finding them interesting. White Fox and EGG FIRM made Studio Bind because they needed a way to keep working on the project in a planned and long-term way so they could animate this work.

In June 2020, it was announced that the show wouldn’t start airing until 2021. The show is split into two courses. The first course has 11 episodes and airs in Japan on Tokyo MX, KBS, BS, and SUN between January 11 and March 22, 2021. The second season, which has 12 episodes, was supposed to start airing in July 2021, but it was finally pushed back to October 4, 2021, because of certain events. The series has 23 episodes, which are spread across four Blu-ray/DVD boxes. The fourth Blu-ray, which came out on March 16, 2022, had an episode that hadn’t been seen before. It was announced on March 6, 2022, that a second season would be made.

Taking everything into account, Mushoku Tensei’s future looks very good, even though we don’t know what will happen after season two. As we’ve already said, the source works and anime series are both very popular, and the fact that the franchise has a lot of fans and that the first season just came out with a second on the way gives us a lot of hope. In any case, a second season could come out as early as 2024, but it’s more likely to happen in late 2024 or even 2025 if it happens at all.

Mushoku Tensei Season 3 Trailer

Now that you know everything about Mushoku Tensei Season 3 and what we think about it, you can probably figure out for yourselves that there is no trailer for the third season. This is because we don’t know if there will even be a third season of the show. If there isn’t a third season, there might not even be a trailer. But from what we know so far, this doesn’t seem like a likely outcome.

Mushoku Tensei is very likely to come back, as we’ve already said. The ongoing manga series has a lot more material that could be turned into an anime, and the anime is also very popular—hugely so. Still, before we can make a good guess, we need to wait and see if there are real plans for a continuation. No matter what, Mushoku Tensei is on a short break until we know more about what will happen with the show.

Taking everything we’ve said into account, it’s unlikely that a Mushoku Tensei trailer will come out this year. We could see a trailer as early as late 2023, but we would have to know for sure that there will be a second season by 2022 or early 2023.

Mushoku Tensei Season 3 Plot

We don’t know yet which parts of the ongoing manga series will be adapted in Season 3. In particular, the first season of the anime only adapted a small part of the series, so there are still a lot more chapters to adapt. But we can’t guess what season 3 will be about right now because we don’t even know how much of the plot will be used in season 2. So, we’ve decided to give you an overview of the whole series so you know what to expect.

On the day of his parents’ funeral, a 34-year-old hikikomori who is not named is violently thrown out of his home. He thinks his life hasn’t meant anything until he sees three teens talking. When he realizes that a car is coming up behind them, he runs to help them, hoping to do something useful and saves a girl. But when people tried to save him, he was badly hurt and died a short time later in the hospital.

In a medieval fantasy world, Paul and Zenith Greyrat have a poor noble child named Rudeus. It turns out quickly that he is the reincarnation of a 34-year-old man named Hikikomori, who remembers his past life. Rudeus taught himself to read and learn simple magic spells when he was young.

When he was four and practicing advanced magic, he blew a hole in the wall of his house. His parents decided to hire the demon Roxy Migurdia to teach them magic. Rudeus is still at home teaching magic to his elf friend Sylphie, even though he has finished his training. He then becomes Eris Boreas Greyrat’s teacher. Eris is a family member, and he teaches her magic, writing, and math.

Rudeus is Eris’s teacher. When a teleport disaster happens in the area where they live, everyone is sent somewhere else. Rudeus and Eris are sent to the demon continent. On the advice of the mysterious god Hitogami, they befriend a demon from the Supard race named Ruijerd Supardia. Rudeus and Eris are going home, and Ruijerd is going with them.

Rudeus gets more travel advice from the mysterious god: Rudeus dreams about this god from time to time. When Rudeus gets home, he thinks Eris has turned him down because of a misunderstanding. This makes them split up. Rudeus lost his ability to have children two years after the incident with Eris. He goes to Ranoa Magic University because an unknown god told him he would get better there.

At the magic school, he runs into his childhood friend Sylphie, who helps him get better. Not long after that, he and Sylphie get married. Rudeus gets a message from his father asking him to help save his mother. Rudeus agrees, even though the god told him not to. During the adventure, he runs into Roxy, his old magic teacher, and starts to like her.

After the mission is done well, he takes her as his second wife. Soon after that, a dying version of himself from the future comes to warn him that the god will kill everyone he cares about. He tries to kill his enemy, a warrior named Orsted, to please the god, but fails.

Rudeus then asks Orsted to look out for his family, and in exchange, Orsted becomes one of Rudeus’s goons. Rudeus marries Eris not long after that. Orsted tells Rudeus that he has tried to kill Hitogami many times but has always failed, so he jumps back in time to try again. Now, it’s also clear that both opponents have to follow certain rules.

Instead is cursed in many ways, and Hitogami can see the future, but he can only count on three allies at a time. Rudeus, his family, and his friends fight off attacks from Hitogami’s supporters after he joins Instead. This sets the stage for Instead to win in the future.

Mushoku Tensei Season 3 Cast

We can’t talk about the cast and characters of a possible third season of Mushoku Tensei yet because we don’t even know if there will be a third season. But since we know the show’s cast is pretty much set, we don’t think season three, if it ever happens, will have too many changes to the way it is put together. Now, the main characters from seasons one and two who are likely to be back for season three are:

Character Japanese Voice Actor (Seiyū)
Rudeus Grey Tomokazu Sugita (before the reincarnation)
Yumi Uchiyama (after the reincarnation, child)
Roxy Migurdia Konomi Kohara
Sylphiette Ai Kayano
Eris Boreas Grey Ai Kakuma
Paul Grey Toshiyuki Morikawa
Zenith Grey Hisako Kanemoto
Philip Boreas Greyrat Daisuke Ono
Sauros Boreas Greyrat Binbin Takaoka
Lillia Grey Lynn
Norn Grey Saya Aizawa
Aisha Grey Yūki Takada
Ghislaine Dedoldia Megumi Toyoguchi
Ruined Superbia Daisuke Namikawa
Posted Kenjiro Tsuda
Kishirika Kishirisu Yuka Iguchi
Perugia Dola Rikiya Koyama
Armani Kengo Kawanishi
Hitogami Kujira
Tanahashi Shizuka Shion Wakayama

Where to watch Mushoku Tensei Season 3?

At the moment, no one knows what will happen to Mushoku Tensei. At the moment, we don’t know much about a third season, so it’s still unclear if we’ll get to see it or not.

The series has done well and there is still a lot of material to adapt, which is good news for Mushoku Tensei fans. We will have to see how season two goes to find out more about a possible season three, but it seems likely.

Will there be a Mushoku Tensei Season 4?

At the moment, no one knows what will happen to Mushoku Tensei. At the moment, we don’t know much about a third season, so we don’t know if there will be a fourth season or not. The series has done well and there is still a lot of material to adapt, which is good news for Mushoku Tensei fans. We will have to see how season three goes to find out more about a possible season four, but it seems likely.

Musk Tensei Light Novel Series Reached A Milestone of 10 Million Copies

KADOKAWA said that the light novel series Mushoku Tensei has reached a big milestone: 10 million copies have been printed. This number is not a measure of how many copies have been sold, though.

Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation is a light novel series written by Rifujin a Magonote. The series was first published on a novel website called Shsetsuka ni Nar in November 2012. It was soon printed by MF Book with illustrations by a Pixiv user named Shirotaka. The latest print edition can be read on KADOKAWA’s website, and there are 25 books in the series so far.

The world of popular series has spread to manga, anime, and even video games. The first 11 episodes of the anime based on the novel series came out in the winter of 2021. It was a huge hit, so the second part of the series came out in October of the same year.

Series Synopsis:

When a 34-year-old otaku reaches a dead end in life and decides to start over, he gets hit by a truck and dies. He is shocked to find that he has been reborn as an infant in a strange new world full of swords and magic. Rudeus Grayrat is his new name, but he still remembers things from his old life. Follow Rudeus as he grows up and tries to make up for his mistakes in a wonderful but dangerous world. (via Seven Seas)

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