Love of Kill Season 2: Renewed Or Canceled? What Will Happen In Season 2?

Love of Kill Season 2: Koroshi Ai, also known as Love of Kill, is a popular anime series from Winter to Spring. But people didn’t talk as much about the show as they did about other things. But people who liked this thriller hope there will be a second season.

So, how likely is it that it will come back? When will season two come out? Here is all the information you need about the show’s return. A lot of things came out at the same time in the Spring of 2022.

From the second season of “Demon Slayer” to “Attack on Titan: The Final Season,” many anime shows made a big splash. Love of Kill didn’t get as many viewers because these other shows came out simultaneously. But it did become popular among people who liked the show.

Love of Kill Season 2: Renewed Or Canceled?

Love of Kill Season 2
Love of Kill Season 2

The author Fe made the manga Koroshi Ai a suspense thriller. The text came out for the first time in 2015. As of April 2022, 12 volumes of the text have come out. The show became famous because of how well the main characters were shown.

Studio Platinum Vision has not picked up Love Of Kill Season 2 for a third season as of the renewal of the second anime season. Also, neither the staff nor the people who make the animations have said anything about the show coming back.

So, there is no news about whether the show will return. But it’s possible that the anime will come back. A new animation company called Platinum Vision has just started up. So it doesn’t have a hectic schedule in the beginning. So, it might not be hard for the company to return for another season.

Love Of Kill Season 2: What Will Happen In Season 2?

As was already said, the series’ end was short and didn’t tell the whole story. This means that another season is being made. In the last episode, called “My Name,” Chateau goes against everyone’s expectations by hiring Son to kill Donny.

On the other hand, Son says that she will only do the job if Chateau agrees to make her a friend. Near the season’s end, she said she does not want money as bait. She wasn’t looking for money but for something else.

At this point, the second season will begin. In the next part of the story, the anime will first finish the main storyline from the manga. After this, love Of Kill Season 2 will continue to move forward with Chateau’s missions.

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When Is The Love of Kill Season 2 Release Date?

Season 1 of “Love of Kill” started on January 13, 2022, and ended on March 31, 2022. The show’s first season has 12 episodes, each about 21 to 25 minutes long. So far, this is all we know about the show’s second season.

The rights to “Love of Kill” have not yet been renewed by Platinum Vision. The show’s future is unclear because neither the people who make it nor sell it has made an official statement about it coming back.

But the first episode ends with a few unanswered questions, and the end of the season barely ties up the complicated relationship between the deuteragonist and the protagonist.

Even if the anime production committee thinks the show deserves another season, Season 1 has already covered seven of the eleven volumes of Fe’s ongoing manga series, which means there will be a long wait.

Luckily, the high number of viewers and overall ratings make a strong case for a sequel. Even if all of the factors lead to the show being renewed, season 2 of “Love of Kill” won’t start until the middle of 2024.

Love of Kill Season 1 Finale Plotline: What Happened In Season 1?

Chateau is still struggling with being unable to say no to Ryan-Ha in the season 1 finale, and she can’t figure out why she wants to stay near him. But when she wakes up after a long sleep, she remembers that she killed a man named Ryan-Ha.

So, she asks him straight out what he plans to do and how he came up with his name. Ryan-Ha tries to calm her down and tells her they’ll talk later. Chateau gives him a job offer, but Ryan-Ha says no to any money he could get from her.

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