Has Nagato is Related To Naruto? Did Naruto Know Nagato is an Uzumaki?

The anime series Naruto features a large cast of characters, each with a unique backstory. These characters and their designs thus tend to seem similar to one another without really having any ties because of their relatively large cast. Whether Naruto and Nagato are linked is a question many people and series fans have pondered.

Are Nagato and Naruto Cousins?

A common question is if Nagato and Naruto are related. The Nagato is, at the very least, a descendant of the Uzumaki clan, much like Kushina, as anime fans are already aware. By association, as Kushina also belongs to the Uzumaki clan (as if that wasn’t clear from his last name), Naruto is also a member of the Uzumaki clan.

Because they come from different generations, it doesn’t seem plausible that Naruto and Nagato are cousins, but they are at least connected. Nagato would be Naruto’s uncle if they had a name. Another item to note is that although Karin and Nagato were believed to have Uzumaki ancestry, neither knew much about the clan because it had been eradicated.

Who is Nagato Related to?

Nagato is a recognized member of the Amegakure Shinobi community and an Uzumaki ancestor. Along with his friends and fellow war orphans Yahiko and Konan, Nagato was one of the initial founders of the Akatsuki to restore peace to the war-torn shinobi world.

But once Yahiko passed away, Nagato assumed the mantle and adopted the pseudonym Pain. After that, he would take the Akatsuki on a different course from that of his slain buddy, which would pressure the populace into making peace at all costs.

When Nagato was young, he resided outside Amegakure with his parents, Fuse and Ise. In addition, Madara Uchiha implanted his Rinnegan within him when his parents were unaware of it. He was then just a little child.

Is Nagato Related to Naruto
Is Nagato Related to Naruto

His family sought refuge from the combat around them throughout the war in their house on the outskirts. Two Konoha shinobi broke into their homes one day in search of food. The entire family made an unsuccessful attempt to slink away. When they were found, Nagato’s parents fought the two shinobi to gain more time.

The two shinobi, who had been startled, first attempted to protect themselves but wound up murdering Nagato’s parents. The two ninjas sought to apologize to Nagato and calm him down after realizing they were merely civilians seeking refuge outside the village. This was the first time Nagato utilized the Rinnegan Madara had given him, and he was overcome with anguish and rage.

Fuse and Ise, Nagato’s parents, were both Uzumaki clan members, just as Karin and Kushina, as shown by their blazing red hair. The Second Shinobi War destroyed the Uzumaki clan, and they had no choice but to disperse and seek refuge in other countries.

The Life of Pain

Nagato has exceptional skills that help him accomplish his objectives. Nagato’s clan, the Uzumaki clan, was his first gift. This clan is well-known for having a substantial reservoir of chakra, which allowed Nagato to use so much chakra on his rinnegan. Being a member of the Uzumaki clan has further advantages for Naruto since it will enable him to serve as the ideal vessel for the ninetails without being hindered. He also chooses Nagato to be his Finnegan’s vessel since Nagato is a member of the Uzumaki clan.

Nagato is also capable of using the Rinnegan. He was secretly implanted with this Kekkei Genkai by Madara when he was a little boy. The majority of Nagato’s skills come from his keen visual ability. All six route techniques—Deva, Asura, Naraka, Pretha, Human, and Animal paths—could be used by him. He couldn’t perform it all himself because of his damaged body, so he depended on the corpses he utilized to use the talents in his place. The capacity to learn was another gift from the rinnegan. He realized all of Jiraiya’s Ninjutsu techniques rapidly. He had a short memory.

Nagato isn’t exceptionally physically strong, but Pain is thought to be highly powerful. The six manifestations of pain are mighty during the battle with Naruto, especially Yahiko’s physique, which appears to withstand Naruto’s hits back-to-back with no harm. Nagato also seems capable of effectively controlling Pains on his own without wavering.

Did Naruto Know Nagato is an Uzumaki?

The first and only Kushina Uzumaki and Minato Namikaze (the Fourth Hokage), Naruto (second Jinchuriki of the Nine-Tails). It was inappropriate to celebrate Naruto’s birthday because it was also the day his parents passed away while attempting to rescue the community and control the Nine-Tails that Tobi had released into their unborn child.

Naruto was an orphan given a stipend by the town to help him support himself. Naruto didn’t know who his parents were as he grew up; he just knew his lineage. Therefore he was given his mother’s last name.

Even though the town knew that Naruto’s body contained the Tailed Beast that had previously destroyed their houses, his father was revered as a hero, but Naruto was not. Naruto was publicly shunned and despised by the village as a result. He wanted acceptance and attention due to his social isolation, which he did by pulling practical jokes on community members until he finally grew more resilient.

Until he was older, Naruto could not wholly comprehend how significant and vital his presence was because of his limited understanding of his own family and heritage. He was unaware of the Uzumaki clan’s fame until the second half of the Fourth Shinobi War. Because of this, many people concur that he was unaware of his relationship with Nagato or Karin.

Who is Naruto’s Sister?

Naruto is an only kid, according to canon. He is Kushina and Minato’s first and only child, both of whom tragically passed away when Naruto was relatively small. Primarily in this manner, Naruto begins his life as an orphan in the Hidden Leaf Village.

Whatever the case, several fan fictions claim that Naruto has an older or younger sister who is claimed to have one-half of Kurama trapped within her. Although her name varies from tale to story, her function typically remains the same: she and Naruto must share the responsibility of having a Bijuu locked within them.

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